Expert Beauty Tips to Look Younger in 30’s

A well Known Fact by everyone is that as the age grows, lot of changes takes place in our body. Especially these changes start when we reach the age of 30. Both Men and Women want to stay young and look like 20’s in the age of 30’s. So, there are some best tips to look younger and also some natural beauty tips that makes your skin look younger and hides your age.

Best Beauty Tips to Look Younger in 30's

Here are the most important tips to look younger at the age of 30

1. Best Skin Care Routine:

Follow a skin care routine which is is very useful to intact the moisture in your skin. The more hydrated your epidermis, more fresh and young, your skin looks.

Use the cleansers that are available without foam. Foam washes contain sulfates which make your skin dry and thereby forming wrinkles. Buy the cleansers which that gently get rid of the dirt from your skin as well as moisturize your skin. There are some natural products to moisturize your skin without any side effects.

Reduce Wrinkles

Use a hydrating serum that has Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C which enhances nourishment with vitamins to prevent oxidative damage. It is advisable to take the suggestion of a skin specialist before using these because they may contain some harmful chemical ingredients that can riun your skin.

Use of Moisturizer is highly recommended in your daily skin routine. Use natural moisturizers twice a day to ensure the proper hydration and make your skin get the glow and make it look younger.

2. Eat Goji Berries

Goji Berries are a complete source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. These are well known for their strengthening properties that help to increase the immunity, alkalinity and the most important anti ageing properties. The markets are filled with processed and junk foods, these are a great threat to our body as they empty the calories in our body. Be careful in choosing the anti aging nutrients available in the market as they may have adverse effect on your physical and emotional behavior too.

Eat Goji Berries

3. Avoid Sun

Sun is the main factor for aging. The UVA and UVB rays are the main sources to contribute to issues like sun spots, freckles, rosacea, skin laxity, pigmentation, sagging and wrinkles. So when you are going out, use a sun screen which has SPF30 and PA++ as these two act as a barrier between the sun rays and your body. Remember to apply more for better protection. Make sure to apply it 30 minutes before you leave the house and apply it for every 4 hours to give the best protection for your skin and maintain the young look of your skin.

Avoid Exposure of Sun

4. Drink more Water Everyday:

Water content in your body is the best reason for the younger look of your skin. Water hydrates your body from inside. Take at least 1.5 to 2 liters of fresh and pure water every day. Also note that, it does not include juices, coffee, teas, or fruit intake.  So, don’t use water based products as they can age your skin and leave it drier than before.

drink 8 glasses of water everday

5. Natural Beauty Care:

There are some hydrating masks which boost your youthful look at the age of 30. Combine the natural avocado and rose water to make a paste.  Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 30 minutes until it dries and then wash it off. This hydrating mask delivers the essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, antioxidants and other nutrients that boost the anti ageing properties in your body. For best results apply this mask once a week for optimal results.

avocado and rose water paste

6. Have Monthly Facials:

Facials are the best way to make you look young as they comprise the eye cream for day and night, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Make sure to use a cleanser that has alpha or beta hydroxyl contents because they promote the cell renewal. Before applying these, visit the best dermatologist and get your body fully scanned to know about the signs of precancerous cells in your body and also check whether these facials are well suited for your body or not.

Have Monthly Facials

7. Eat Fish:

Fresh water fish contains the essential fatty acids that increase the glow of skin thereby make it look young. Easting one per a day is highly advisable as they increase the anti ageing contents in your body. So, don’t avoid them just because you don’t like them. There are some fish oils available in the market which is also best sources for anti ageing.

Eat Fish

8. Cleanse Twice at Night:

Make sure to cleanse your body morning and evening, but at night ensure to do it twice. The first time will remove the make-up and second time will remove grim and pollutants. Following this will also increase the hydrating properties in your body.

Cleanse your Face Twice at Night

9. Don’t Over Eat:

Recent studies and researches have confirmed that overeating will oppose the genomes that prevent ageing. Make sure to add fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as they have the phytochemiocals that prevent the cell damage caused by free radicals. Avoid eating while watching T.V as you may not know how much you are eating.

Don’t Over Eat

10. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise like Yoga and some other exercises will make sure to prevent the ageing in your body. A daily 30 minute exercise 6 days a week will reduce your skin ageing by up to 20 %. There are many exercises that can be done to ensure the anti ageing in your body.

Morning Exercise

These are the best beauty practices that give the answer to the common question, “how to get younger looking skin at 30’s?”. Follow all the above mentioned ways to look younger and get the everlasting and younger looking skin.  Also, keep in mind to use only natural products, natural make-ups and natural ways to get the best results without any side effects. The artificial products available in the market will decrease and show adverse effects on your skin instead of giving younger look to you. So avoid using these and follow a natural way and get the younger skin. So, follow these tips to look younger and live happy and young.

Unbeatable Tips to Stay Healthy In Summer

Summer is always added with lots of fun and frolic, but sometimes people forget that the skin and body will not be same as like in winter. There is having a lot of difference in the climatic conditions between summer and winter. The heat that intense in the summer is not only effects our body, but skin too and this leads to the dehydration, damage immune system, electrolyte imbalance (due to excessive or heavy sweating). It also damages your skin in a harsh manner. In such a way that no family would like to have holidays which was effected by summer, such as Sunstroke, Dehydration, sunburn, slew or fungal diseases.

Unbeatable Tips to Stay Healthy In Summer

The perfect way to avoid dehydration by having plenty of waters and other liquids like coconut water, butter milk and healthy drinks. The major problem acquired in India is humidity and hot, this causes excessive sweating. This leads to prickly heat which was marked by tiny blisters. This tiny blister majorly causes in the area of folds of the skin and in the areas of tight clothing. In such cases, the homeopathy has many remedies that can be help particularly. To get rid of from this prickly heat rash is , take 5-6 pellets of Natrum Sulphuricum 6X twice in a day. To fight against with the fungal infections is to take a homeopathic Chrysarobic acid 6C in a dosage of 5-6 pills twice in a day.

Tips We Need To Remember Are As Follows:

Just trun to these simple tips to be as sun-friendly.


Having fried food or fat contented food in your regular diet in summer leads to lethargy and slowdowns the digestive process. It also affects the skin and makes the skin unhealthy. Always prefer to eat lighter meals and by adding of more salads, fruits and green vegetables.  Also too many people skip their breakfast in the morning before heading outside. Without consistent nutrition your body wilts in summer, it leads to heat over exposure, dehydration and fainting. Having breakfast with high protein food like eggs, fruits, whole grains, and salads. A healthy breakfast will jump-start your metabolism.



Being addict to coffee and tea too much, increases the urination problem in summer and this also leads to water loss and dryness of skin. Also eat light to feel light and healthy. Drink heavy dosage of cool and non-alcoholic beverages especially when you are at outdoors. This makes your body cool and makes your system operates efficient manner.



Summer’s are great time to skip hard drinks and preferable to choose light drinks. Consumption of soft chilled alcoholic beverage (unless you are pregnant or recommended not to drink because of your health condition or other reasons) is best. Smoking and drinking, including addition of carbonated or fizzy drinks, parch, desiccate, and parch. Remember that, consumption of too much alcohol can induce dehydration.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

So while you are drinking alcohol on the other side drink water or another beverage to get rid of dehydration problem. Carrying water with you, whenever you leave the house is a good idea. Having sangria (it’s a table wine diluted with juice), a cool beer, wine spritzer will comes under refreshing drinks and also light. Taking one to two drinks daily with a bounded quantity of alcohol will protect against heart disease.


Tight clothes, skin fit clothes controls and stops hamper circulation. It also increases sweating and behaves like discomfort outfit. It’s better to wear loose fitted clothes, light coloured clothes like white cotton shirt which keeps you cool all the day.  Whereas it’s easy to release perspiration when compare with synthetic materials. Light coloured clothes also reflect light instead of absorbing it and this cools your body.


It’s best to stay out of the sun between mid noon’s to evening because the ultraviolet are at peak stage which majorly damages our skin and health too. It’s better to use a sun screen lotion with sun protection factor (SPF) before half-an-hour when you step out and also re-apply for every 4-6 hours. Especially for the people whose skin get rashes due to heat, it’s best to take preventive measures in summer. Alter your life style in summers and also avoid tanning your skin. If it’s mandatory to be out in heat, then be sure that you have take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water and more over try to sit in a cool place. It’s better to put off strenuous works and activities until the day gets cool.

Avoid Exposure of Sun


Take a bath twice a day during summers to get rid of sweat and body odour. Use talcum powders to control body heat. People who work for long time like travelling long distances may not be able to avoid sun, heat, pollution and humidity. Mainly these people get affected by heat rash and boils will make the body plague. These problems can get under controlled by using sandalwood paste (1 table spoon) which was prepared at home, along with a little amount of camphor and some buttermilk.


A few minutes before bath apply this preparation by using cold water. By this process the heat rash will disappear quickly. Also we have another recipe for controlling heat. Take some nutmeg and rose water, add equal parts of pea flower, coriander powder and also sandalwood powder. Apply this prepared paste on affected areas or if possible apply to entire body. After some time clean with cold water. Finally it makes your body feel fresh and refreshed.


If you change one thing then it improves your diet in summer. By adding a cup of mixed fresh berries (blueberries, blackberries or strawberries) in your regular diet. This diet gives you antioxidants which prevents from damaging of tissues and reduce risk of age related illness. Especially having blueberries and blackberries gives you more antioxidants. There is also a big bonus by having these berries are, they are top in fibre which maintains low cholesterol and prevents from cancer.

Raspberries for Healthy Weight Loss


To improve your stress level plant a small garden, plant a few flower plants or if possible cultivate simple crops. By putting hands in soil, standing on bare feet on soil, touching the stuff and grounding the stuff gives you relief from physical and mental stress. Whereas flossing controls oral bacteria that improves complete body health and if oral bacteria is low then your body has more resources which helps to fight against bacteria.

reduce your stress levels


Pick one outdoor activity like having a nature walk, playing games with your kids, cycling, swimming, or roller balding or simple gym workouts. By playing with your family not only gets fit together, it’s also a best way to create bonding with your family. Also protect your vision at play, it’s better to prefer a protective eyewear. Wearing sunglasses will block maximum 98% of ultraviolet A and B rays. By using sunglasses at outdoors will also prevent from cataracts and also wrinkles around the eyes. When playing sports it’s preferable to wear a protective eyewear of sport-specific.

Morning Exercise


Sleep is majorly needed in summers. Convert your bedtime as better that is early morning wakes up and go to bed early. Don’t drink alcohol within three hours of bedtime. It’s good to avoid naps during the day unless you having them as a daily routine.

Sleep Well


Summer means it’s the time for surfing, pool parties, beach festivals and occasional gateways. Majorly these plans always have an open invitation for you to get sick mainly when you are travelling. Water is your best beverages in summer. Drink more water as you drink normal. Drink at least 2-3 glasses of water when you are in sun. This prevents from dehydration and replenishes your energy levels.

drink 8 glasses of water everday


No one likes funky tan lines and also sun burns. To get rid of from these problems it’s important to apply perfect sunscreen lotion. This not only prevents from skin cancer, but it’s also helps for slow down your skin ageing process. Where as severe sun burns also known as sun poisoning can also cause extreme dehydration. Sunscreen with lower SPF (sun protection factor) is always having efficient as a higher SPF. People having a fair complexion commonly use a higher SPF, because of less melanin in their skin. Lotions consist some more effective when compare with sprays, only because there is a less chance for streaking.


Finally always keep an eye on young, old, also on your lovely and very caring pets. Older adults and babies are more capable to heat induced illness. By regular check we can prevent from illness and regular diseases. Always keep your pets indoor during the hottest part of the day (almost mid noon to evening) and keep refilling their water bowls.

Nutritional Health Facts Of A Watermelon

There is a popular belief that watermelon, which is made of completely water and sugar, watermelon actually having a nutrient dense food that consumes a high amount of vitamins, antioxidants.  These became very friendly fruit in picnics and also for complete summer. It’s refreshing quality, sweet taste helps to control the heat and provide guilt free , low maintenance deserts for small kids and adults also great alike to enjoy.  Watermelon is a member of botanical family of Cucurbitaceace. In general there are five types of watermelons existed and they follow: seedless, seeded, mini, orange and lastly yellow.

Nutritional Facts of Watermelon

The nutrient value for 1 cup of watermelon juice (nearly 150g) contains:

Saturated fats                                    –     0.38g

Fats                                                     –     0.36g

Carbohydrate                                    –     17.97g

Protein                                               –     1.45g

Energy                                                –     71cal

Nutrition value                                 –     1 cup (150g)

Protein                                               –     7%

Fats                                                     –     4%

Carbohydrates                                  –     89%

Fiber                                                   –     1 g

Cholesterol                                        –     0 mg

Polyunsaturated fats                       –     0.119g

Monounsaturated fats                    –     0.088g

Electrolytes (sodium potassium) –   2mg (sodium) 267mg (potassium)

Possible Health Benefits Of Watermelon:

Many of the studies suggested that consumption of more plant foods like watermelon reduces the risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes. It promotes a black nourished hair and healthy complexion, increases energy levels of body and overall lower weight. By consuming all kinds of fruits and vegetables which leads to reduced risk of many seasonal and also lifestyle related health conditions.

1.  Asthma Prevention:

The chance of asthma is always lower in the people who consume a rich amount particular nutrients. Among these nutrients vitamin C heavily found in watermelon including many fruits and vegetables.

Asthma Prevention

2. Blood pleasure:

An American journal published that hypertension found in watermelon which reduces the blood pressure. This watermelon also improves the arterial function. Generally people take lycopene to prevent from different types of cancers. These watermelons also having this lycopene which fights against heart disease.

Regulates Blood Pressure

3. Digestion and Regularity:

The water and fiber content that present in watermelon helps to prevent from constipation and promote a healthy digestive tract regularly. Having one cup of watermelon provides 23% of daily needs. Adequate intake of vitamin C also needed to build and maintain collagen (it provides a clear structure to hair and skin).

Digestion and Regularity with watermelon

4. Hydration:

These watermelons are made of 93% of water with adding of important electrolytes, it is a great snack to have on summer months to protect from dehydration.

Hydration from watermelon

5. Inflamation:

The most important nutrient versatile and Choline is existed in watermelon that aids our bodies in sleep. Choline also helps to maintain the cellular membranes structure, helps to support transmission of nerve impulse, assist in absorption of t and controls chronic inflammation.

controls inflammation

6. Muscle Soreness:

Watermelon juice has been helps to reduce muscles soreness and also improves recovery time in athletes. Many of researches finalizes that it contains amino acid L- citrulline existed in watermelon.

Muscle Soreness

7. Skin:

Watermelons are great for your skin because it is filled with vitamin A, which required for sebum production that keeps your hair moisturized. Vitamin A is a necessary vitamin for the growth of complete body tissues including hair and skin. Overall hydration is contributed by watermelon which contributes a healthy look of skin and hair.

watermelon for skin

Potential Health Risks Of Consuming Watermelon:

Eating pattern is always most important for any of food item. Diet should not be in abnormal way, it always is in a clear way and this shows disease prevention, achieves great health. It’s better to have that diet with variety than individual food.

Watermelon Recipes That Will Make Your Hot Summer As A Safe Summer:

Follow these simple recipes

1. Feta skewers, watermelon and tomato with lime and mint:

Feta skewers, watermelon and tomato with lime and mint


  • 2 large tomatoes
  • 3 cups of watermelon
  • 8 ounces feta cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh mint
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • ½ teaspoon of fresh black pepper
  • 36 wooden skewers (3 inch)


Gently cut the tomatoes into 1 inch pieces and also cut the watermelons into size of 1 inch. Look over that cheese should be cubed. Including tomatoes, remaining 7 ingredients mixed in a large bowl. Cover the bowl and chill it up to 40 minutes Thread 1 tomato slice, feta cube, 1 watermelon cube onto a skewer and place in a serving bowl, repeat with remaining skewers. Drizzle the remaining with marinade and serve.

2. Watermelon And Arugula Salad:

Watermelon And Arugula Salad


  • ½ pound baby leaves of arugula
  • 2 pounds of seedless watermelon
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil
  • ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice
  •  1 teaspoon of salt
  •  ½ teaspoon of black pepper
  •  ½ pound of parmesan cheese


Place the watermelon arugula in large bowl, whisk both in the olive oil, pepper, salt, lemon juice. Pour enough dressing on arugula to get moisten. Toss well and placed on salad plates. With a vegetable peeler or a sharp knife, shave the parmesan in to large fine shards and sprinkle them on arugula, watermelon. Finally spray with salt and serve.

Yoga Poses to Boost-Up Your Immune System

Immunity is a very important property of the human body that makes it to resist to particular infection or toxin by the action of antibodies or white blood cells. It makes your body immune to viruses, bacteria or infectious organisms thereby make it to fight against the infection and heal itself. Whenever our body encounters the bacteria and fungus then the set of responses is given back by the human body. The best solution is yoga poses for increasing the immune system.

Yoga Poses to Boost-Up Your Immune System

Here are the key yoga poses to help boost your immune system

1. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose):

Dhanurasana is the best yoga pose to boost your immune system of your body and also makes you the proud owner of the toned abs. This pose also makes the digestive system work well.


  1. Place a yoga mat on the ground and lie down on it in prone position.
  2. Place your hands alongside your body, and then stretch your legs out to back.
  3. Bend your knees and bring your feet close to the butts.
  4. Breathe Inside deeply and stretch your hands back to hold the ankles.
  5. Now lift your chest and head and tilt your head backwards.
  6. Stretch backwards to the possible level without affecting your back and make sure that the body looks like a bow.
  7. Count 10 and hold the pose
  8. Breathe out, relax and return back to initial position.
  9. Repeat the pose for 8 times for better results.



  • Strengthens abdominal organs by exerting pressure on the tummy.
  • Stretches the back and strengthens the circulatory system.
  • Improves the blood circulation to digestive system.
  • WBC and Immunity Strengthening.

2. Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose):

This yoga pose is the best source to improve the immunity and targets your thyroid glands.

 Procedure :

  1. Place a yoga mat on the ground and lie on it.
  2. Rest your heels on the floor and keep the feet apart.
  3. Fold your hands and rest them on on the hip. It will be also acts as support for body.
  4. Inhale deeply and push your body upwards and take care not to exert pressure on the neck.
  5. Breathe deeply and hold the pose for a count of 10.
  6. Now exhale and come back to the original position.
  7. Repeat the pose for 8 times to get better results.

Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose)


  1. This helps to stretch and strengthen abdomen.
  2. It also opens the hip.
  3. It is very useful in stimulating the pituitary gland and thyroid gland.
  4. Boosts energy levels, circulation levels and immunity and infection combating mechanism.

3. Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall):

This yoga pose is very simple to do and also boosts your immunity and keep the stress away from you and making you feel relaxed the whole day.

Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall)


  1. Place the yoga mat and lie on the mat close to wall (you can also support your legs with your hands and ignore the wall if you can make).
  2. Now raise your legs ups and rest them against the wall such that your legs face the ceiling.
  3. Raise your back to the maximum possible level and support it with your hands.
  4. Inhale and hold the pose for a count of 10.
  5. Exhale, relax and lower your back and come back to the original position.
  6. Repeat the yoga poses for 8 times for optimal results.


  • Boosts the immunity and make your body strong.
  • Reduces the stress levels.
  • Increases calmness and well being.
  • Allows your body to pump oxygenated blood to your legs.

4. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

This yoga pose works well for those who are suffering from cold and flu and boost the energy levels and make you feel energetic the whole day.


  1. Lie down on the floor such that your face and body face the ground.
  2. Inhale and bend towards back to the maximum possible level by supporting with your hands placed alongside.
  3. Hold for a count of 10.
  4. Exhale and slowly return back to the initial position.
  5. Repeat the pose for 8 times for better results.

Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)


  • Boosts the immunity to respond effectively to cold and flu
  • Boost energy and revitalizes your body
  • Stimulates the Thymus organ located behind the chest bone
  • Helps in the growth of T-cells

5. Matsyasana (Supported Fish Pose):

This Yoga pose is called the fish pose because a fish eats the dirt and cleans the water in the same way this pose cleans and purifies our blood and keeps us healthy.


  1. Place a yoga mat and sit on it like padmasana.
  2. Slowly lie down on the mat by thursting your hands.
  3. Raise your head and place the crown of head on the floor
  4. Now bend your body supporting on the crown of your head forming an arc shape on the back.
  5. Maintain this pose for at least 50 to 100 counts.
  6. Now release your body, head and legs and come back to savasana.

Matsyasana (Supported Fish Pose)


  • Opens up the heart and lungs and reduces the chronic diseases like asthma, bronchitis and sinuses
  • Balances an Agitated nervous system
  • Boosts your immune system to fight against cold and flu

6. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog Pose):


  1. Stand straight with both the legs a width apart.
  2. Inhale and bend forward so that your nose will reach close to the ground and count 10.
  3. Lift your back to the maximum level possible.
  4. Exhale and lift your body up and return back to initial position.
  5. Repeat the pose for 8-10 times.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog)


  • This pose will increase the blood circulation
  • Provides the grounded energy
  • Drains the Sinuses
  • Improves the immunity and helps to fight against all the infections

These above mentioned yoga poses will boost your immunity and make your body non reactive to chronic disease and also organisms that cause the illness. We have many healthy eating habits and fitness routines, but they may not boost our immunity. Yoga poses are the best sources for boosting your immunity and make you live and stay healthy. Along with these poses you can take some foods that boost your body’s immune system.

Amazing Natural Moisturisers at Your Kitchen

Everyone wants a glowing and fairy skin, so it needs proper nourishment especially in winter season and area where the environment and climate are very cold. Nature has the best and natural products and foods that nourish and moisturize our skin and make our body healthy. Now a days everybody are running to shops to buy expensive and pre packaged products and moisturizers. These may not be suitable for all the skins. So here are some of the natural products that are natural moisturizers and are available at the convenience of your kitchen.

Amazing Natural Moisturisers at Your Kitchen

Here are 9 natural moisturizers for hydrated, glowing skin:

1. Honey:

Take two table spoons of honey and make sure that the honey is the original and raw honey but not the one available in the shop. Now mix the honey with eight table spoons of water until it turns into paste. Apply the mixture to skin and allow it to dry. Now, gently wash it with warm water.This is the best homemade face cream for dry skin.


As raw honey is organic, anti-bacterial and makes it to unclog pores and makes it a great cleanser. One more important factor is that honey is full of antioxidants which makes it a fighter of wrinkles, aging skin, irritation and blemishes, thereby leaving your skin a young and glowing skin.

2. Buttermilk:

Make Buttermilk from fresh curd and keep it in the refrigerator for it to cool down. Now take a wash cloth or take a make-up brush and dip it in the cold butter milk and lay it on your face for ten minutes. Then rinse it cold water gently.

butter milk pack

As buttermilk is rich in lactic acid, which is an essential ingredient found in many expensive and branded skin care products. It is very important factor which breaks down and remove your dead skin cells, speed up cell turnover and rejunivation. All these properties and nutrients in buttermilk generate new skin cells and make your skin look younger and thereby making it a great moisturizer

3. Olive oil

Take 5 table spoons of olive oil in your bucket of hot water during your bath. After the bath, you can feel the moisturizing and refreshing effect.

Olive Oil in Bath

Olive oil is very famous as the best moisturizer which helps your skin from harmful sun rays. The antioxidants and natural acids create a natural barrier against the harmful effects of the sun.

4. Castor oil

Take few drops of castor oil and massage on your face in circular way every night before sleep.

Castor Oil for Face

Castor oil is the best moisturizer as it has a high concentration of fatty acids, and also makes your skin quickly absorb these acids. It also contains linoleic acid that creates a barrier form losing moisture and hydrates the skin from inside out.

5. Coconut oil

Search for an organic coconut oil, heat it between your hands by rubbing it and liquify it. Now rub the oil into your skin to rejunivate it and get the glow. This acts as the coconut oil  face moisturizer.

Coconut Oil for Skin

Coconut contains the collagen supporting lauric acid which acts as the organic face moisturizer. which makes it to easily get absorbed deep into skin for great moisturizing and make your skin glow and leave you without greasy feeling. The ntibacterial and antimicrobial properties makes it a great anti ager and reduce the skin of your age.

6. Shea butter

Shea Butter is the common butter found in your kitchen but make sure that the shea butter has not expired because it may lose its moisturizing properties if expired. Now apply it all over your skin.

Shea butter for skin

Shea butter has the Vitamins A and F which are great for dry skin to moisturize it and keep it look young. Produced from the nuts found inside the fruit of the Shea tree, it’s a totally natural moisturizer and acts as barrier from the harmful effects of the elements.

7. Avocados

Avacado is very tasty to eat as well as it is also a very good moisturizer. Eat avocado and rub the inner side of the peel lightly on your face. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

avacods for skin

Avacados has higher levels of fats and Vitamins A, D and E which are anti-agers and retain moisture in the dry skin. This also helps the lubrication on every layer of your dermis.

8. Cucumbers

Cut your cucumber into small pieces and place these over your eyes, you can also puree the cucumber and add a few drops of honey to make a soothing and hydrating mask.

Cucumber-And-Honey drops

Cucumber has more percentage of water content in it, so they are a very useful source of water inside and outside of your body. These also have the nutrients like magnesium, potassium, vitamins A and E, which promote blood circulation and healing and benefit your skin, bones and nails. This vegetable also helps to reduce wrinkles and grow the complexion. They also treat and reduce the puffiness around the eyes.

9. Aloe

Aloe vera is the common leaf available in the garden or kitchen which acts like natural face moisturizer . Cut one leaf and peel and expose the gel and then apply to the skin to give a glowing skin.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is the best plant that contains nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamins C and E and these keep skin plump. Though it is used in many skin care products but it is recommended to use it naturally.

These are the natural products and foods available in the convenience of your kitchen. These act as the best skin moisturizer and organic face moisturizer. Instead of going to departmental store and buying costly face creams and moisturizers try these natural products to get the optimal results and reduce the side effects. So, use these natural products and stay healthy and live healthy.

Natural Remedies for Headache Without Using any Medicines

Headaches are very common these days, it doesn’t depend upon the age of the people it can effect school going good or a big person working in a office. Generally headaches influence our family life, work environment, sleep and many other factors. The pain generally arises in any portion of your head and last for an hour or sometimes for a couple of days or weeks. You can also control the headache naturally by following some simple workouts and having proper diet on daily basis.

natural remedies for headache

Types of Headache:

There are generally two types of headaches out of which the first one is the primary headache and the second one is the secondary headache.

Primary headache is caused if the blood vessels or nerves inside the head, the muscles of the neck or head, and other processes in the brain are effected due to heavy tensions or pressures. These headaches include: tension headache, cluster headache and migraine. The main reasons for this headache are lack of sleep, alcohol, skipped meals, or stress.

The second type of headaches is secondary headaches and these stimulate the pain sensitive nerves of the head. These headaches have to attend by the doctor immediately.

How to get rid of headaches without medicine:

Here is the list of common and natural headache remedies and food that greatly cure a headache instantly.

1. Scalp massage:

Scalp massage is the most common practice that can be done by yourself or by others. A rewarding scalp massage should be given to improve the blood circulation to head and face. Focus on the focal point which is the base point of your skull. Also make sure to include the massage of your face and neck also as they are the base to your skull. Drink water before and after getting the massage as the body flushes out toxins after the massage.

Scalp massage

2. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy includes the usage of essential oils in the scalp massage. Some of the best essential oils include the peppermint, lavender, and basil. Here peppermint oil targets the primary headaches as it helps regulate and promote blood flow through vessels in the body. Lavender oil is the oil used for a migraine pain, the aroma of the oil works very well on the pain. Pour some drops of lavender oil in boiling water and inhale it to ease the pain. On the other hand the basil oils works very well in relieving the headaches due to tight muscles or tension.

Head message oils

3. Walking:

Walking is the most common and best exercise that shows the best results in a natural way. It makes your body relaxed, increase your stamina and also it is the best way to get rid of the headache caused due to tension or stress. If you are continuously under some sort of stress, it is very common to get headache. So, go for a walk into the nature like the country side of farms which gives a feel of relaxation to your mind. If you are living in a city, then go to a park and have a walk.


4. Ginger root:

Ginger is the nature’s gift for those who are suffering from headache. It is the natural remedy that can be found in your kitchen. Ginger root is the natural and safer alternative for the powerful drugs used for headaches. This shows great results and mainly targets the headache due to nausea. Slice a ginger root, add it in your tea or in any liquid. Its impressive medicinal properties not only help in reducing the headache but also combat vomiting instantly.

Ginger root with tea

5. Water:

Dehydration is one of the main reason for headaches because, if the water levels in your body gets reduced, the blood flow to the brain will get limited, thereby leading to headache. So, drink atleast 8 glasses of water every day, especially in summer season, take watery fruits like watermelon, grapes etc to maintain the water levels in your body. Also make sure to drink water after consuming alcohol as alcohol will dehydrate your body and lead to the hangover pain.

drink 8 glasses of water everday

6. Apple:

An apple a day keeps a doctor away is the common myth that everyone knows. This is true in the case of headache because apples can restore the alkaline and acidic balance in the body. So, whenever you get headache slice one apple and eat it or you can use the apple cider vinegar in the boiling water and heal it to get relief from the headache. The aroma in the green apple also helps in reducing the pain.

eat apples

7. Take Rest:

Give good rest to your body and time to recover from the busy life. Overwork, restless life and other stress will lead to migraine. So, give rest that is sufficient and reduce the stress levels in your body. It is very important to sleep for seven to eight hours at night. Take a nap or sleep to relax your mind and muscles because headaches mostly disappear after a great period of rest. At the same time oversleeping may also lead to headaches. So take the right amount of rest that is needed by your body and brain.

Sleep Well

8. Yoga:

Now-a-days, yoga will be benefited to us in many like effective weight loss, buring your out the extra calories, getting flat tummy and etc. Yoga is the best way to get your mind relaxation and drop the tension. In these busy days take time to do yoga poses. A few yoga moves everyday will make you get the great relief from the headaches. During yoga moves, breathing is the best way which helps in exhaling the waste toxins out of your body. This process will also helps in getting the fresh oxygen circulating through our blood.

yoga for weight loss

9. Some Common Techniques to cure headaches:

  • Avoid stress by staying away from multitasking and over thinking.
  • Get enough sleep in a dark and quiet room. Eat regularly and healthy.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Exercise regularly.

These are the natural remedies and ways to get rid of headaches. We have to make sure to follow all these natural remedies and eat the food that gives a great relief from headaches. These are the best answers for common questions like “how to get rid of headaches?” and “how o cure a headache?”. So follow these home remedies to cure your headache in the most natural and best way in the convenience of your home or surroundings.

Best Yoga Poses to Get Relaxed from Stress

Yoga is the most popular term heard these days for its multiple uses for the healthiest living in a natural way. Whether it is for beauty, fitness, health disorders yoga plays it role in curing them. Yoga is the best way to reduce stress, stay in shape and calm the mind. There are different types of postures like child pose which put your mind in meditative state and empowering positions like eagle pose can calm the mind and also energizes your body

Here are the Top Yoga Poses to Relive from Stress

1. Balasana (Child Pose):

This is the most relaxing and best of restorative yoga poses that calms your mind. This can be done very easily done by anyone.


  • Kneel Down with your knees together.
  • Rest your buttocks on your feet.
  • Bend forward until your forehead and hands touch the ground.
  • Hold this for 30 seconds inhale and come back to start position.
  • Repeat this for 3 to 4 times for better results.

Balasana (Child Pose)


This yoga pose clams your body and rejuvenate your body with energy. In addition to these it also relieves lower back pain, hip strain, shoulder and neck stiffness. It gives the best mental and emotional relief.

2. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend):

This yoga pose is the ideal pose to reduce stress and preserve proper functioning of nervous system.


  • Stand straight with your feet close and arms at the side.
  • Raise your hands above your head inhaling and bend forward exhaling.
  • Bend until your hands touch the ground by keeping your legs straight.
  • Hold for 30 seconds and return back to starting position to complete a step.
  • Repeat this step for 3 to 4 times for best results.



This ideal yoga pose reduces the stress and improves your nervous system functioning by improving the blood supply throughout the body. It is perfect yoga pose for weight loss and spine relaxation. It also tones the abdominal muscles and organs.

3. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose):

This is the best yoga pose to reduce the stress and anxiety. It also helps in stretching the muscles of the back.


  • Lie on the yoga mat with your feet close.
  • Bend your knees and bring your feet close to the buttocks.
  • Place your feet a width apart and lift your back to the possible level.
  • Keep your head fixed to floor and face ceiling.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds.
  • Come back to starting position to complete a repetition.
  • Repeat it 5 to 6 times for better relief.

Setu Bandhasana


This yoga pose relieves you from stress and anxiety effectively. It also helps in the stretching the back muscles and tones thighs and hips. It also reduces backaches, headaches, sleep disorders and fatigue and also controls the high blood pressure.

4. Marjaryasana (Cat Pose):

This yoga pose is a great source for reducing the stress levels in your body and tones your muscles and organs of the abdomen.


  • Lie down on all four sides by resting on your hands and knees.
  • Exhale and pull the spine inward to form a curve.
  • Bend your head downward and make sure that your chin does not touch the breast.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds and return back to starting position.

cat pose


This helps in stretching the spine and tones the abs. It is very best pose to improve overall health by relieving digestive problems and relieves PMS.

5. Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose)

This is a ideal yoga pose that relaxes your body by stretching the spine and shoulder reducing stiffness.


  • Kneel down on the yoga mat and bend forward.
  • Slide your arms forward and make sure that your elbows don’t touch the ground.
  • Drop your head and make it touch the floor.
  • Relax your neck and hold the pose for 30 seconds.
  • Exhale and come back to starting position.

Uttana Shishosana


This yoga pose reduces the stiffness in the body and increases the flexibility and rejuvenates the mind and body. It is the best yoga asana to lose weight after pregnancy.

6. Yoga Nidra Meditation

This pose looks very simple but the impact it gives to your body is extraordinary. During this yoga pose all the senses are withdrawn except the auditory senses.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Just lie down on the floor with your hands kept on the side and legs extended a width apart.

Close your eyes and focus on a single point in your imagination and get relaxed for your self.

Hold this position for at least ten minutes before ending your yoga routine as it gives a great relaxation to your mind and body.

These are the best yoga poses to greatly relieve you from stress and anxiety. The main reason for stress is the tensions like exam tensions, parent’s reaction about report card, job interview results and many other reasons. After getting the job we get tensions about our daily works. So, yoga is highly suggested for stress relief, depression and relaxation of mind thereby calming down. There are many types of anxiety disorders like Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety disorder.

7 Simple Workouts that Can do at Home

In this busy and productive life it is very difficult to find time to go for exercises and crowded gyms. Because of this reason, many people are facing the major problem of overweight. There are many solutions to get rid of this major problem. If you are a busy person and not finding time to go out, then here are some simple workout routines that you can do at your home and be fit and healthy.

Simple home work outs

In order to make the exercises easier, call your friends or any other family members as a fitness buddy and turn your favorite music to tune out everything around you and do these exercise at home.

1. Walking:

Walking is simple one of home workouts the  but effective way of getting the best results. If the weather is nice, you can go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the parks. If the weather is against you, then there is no need to worry because you can get the effective walking at your home. If you have stairs, go up and down for a few times and for better results grab some weight while climbing the stairs. If you don’t have any stairs then walk around your house a few times. It is not exiting but it gives the best results.


2. Push-Ups :

Procedure :

  • Place your hands on the floor and keep them under your shoulders.
  • Bend your elbows close to your body and make your body straight.
  • Now lower between your hands and again push back to the original position.
  • If you are having trouble in the initial stage, place your knees on the floor.



The benefits with this type of exercise are that it stretches the abs and helps in reducing the tummy fat and get a flat tummy.

3. Squats:


  • Stretch your hands straight in front of you and stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Now lower your hips to the possible position.
  • Bend your knees such that they don’t cross your toes.
  • Keep your chest up and look straight, so that your position looks like chair position.
  • Return back to the original position and repeat the process again.



Pushups are the best exercise to effect your hips and thighs. It helps in reducing the fat in your hips and pressure effects your abs thereby giving an attractive look to your body.

4. Walking Lunge:


  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Now place both your arms to the side.
  • Step forward with your right leg and bend your left leg to an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Make sure that your right knee is over right ankle.
  • Stay for some seconds and again come back to the start position by balancing on your right leg.
  • Switch the feet and repeat the same for twice or thrice.
  • It is better to use a dumbbell while doing this exercise for more positive results.

Walking Lunge


This simple exercise gives more effective results and increases the fitness levels in your home. It effects the thighs and hips by reducing the excess fat in the body. Use of Dumbbell in the exercise will effect your whole body and helps you to get the best shape for your body.

5. Jumping Jacks:

This is a very simple exercise that is filled with fun and brings back your old childhood memories back to you. Play the favorite music of yours and start the exercise. Stand straight by placing your feet a width apart now jump as many times as possible by you. This looks funny but it warms up your body, thereby reducing the fat content in your body and is also a great cardio exercise.

Jumping Jacks

6. Single Leg Balance Stick:


  • Stand straight with both your legs apart.
  • Balance on your right foot with the left foot behind you.
  • Now, bend forward keeping your body straight to the ground and lift your left heel towards the ceiling.
  • Stretch your hands in front of you by facing the both palms opposite to each other.
  • In order to avoid the locking of your knee maintain a slight bend in your right knee.
  • Come back to the starting position and repeat the same with other leg too.

Single Leg Balance Stick


This exercise is very simple that can be done in the convenience of your home. It affects your abs and thighs by exerting the pressure on them. This effectively reduces the excess fats in your body and gives the perfect shape to it and makes you look fit.

7. Crunches:


  • Lie down on the floor facing upwards towards the ceiling.
  • Fold your legs towards you and get your head all the way up.
  • Make your head get up by supporting with your both hands until you feel the stretching of the muscles.


Benefits :

This exercise is most effective and easiest of the ab workouts. This makes your abdomen to stretch and helps in reducing the fat effectively. This can be used for building up and strengthening of abdominal muscles.

Here are

some very simple workouts routines for women that you can be done very simply and get best results.

A. Jogging In Place – Jogging is very helpful for the efficient functioning of your heart.  You can jog watching TV or listening to music in your home.  Make sure to wear a good pair of shoes, to eliminate any stress to your legs.

Jogging at your PlaceB. Light Weight Lifting – This is simple exercise that you can do in your home using the light and heavy weights in your home. No need to buy weights outside. Use a can of peas, milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles or even water jugs and get the best results.

light weight lifts

C. Dancing – Dancing is a wonderful exercise, which is great for your heart.  Not only that, but it can lift your spirits as well, and give your overall feeling a boost.

Simple Dance

Exercises are very important in today’s life, but you may not get time to go out and join in a gym. Don’t worry these above mentioned simple exercises will give the best results despite of their simplicity. Use what is available in your home and no need to buy the equipment from outside. Follow these easy workouts that are suitable for both men and women and make sure that you do them daily after getting up stay and be happy and healthy.

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6 Core Exercises for Flat Abs

Unlike the past days, now a day every work is based on your mental strength but not on our physical strength. So just by sitting and working the unwanted calories are getting accumulated in our body thereby leading to overweight and abnormal shape of the body. Everyone loves to have a perfect shape for their body, but they are not getting the time to go to a gym and do the fitness exercise to maintain their body weight. This generation is the six pack generation and everyone is working hard to get it. If you are newbie or getting back to exercise after a long time develop a solid core which will increase your stability and balance.

core exercises for flat abs

Here are best core exercises to get the most attractive flat abs leaving you with happiness and good health.

6 Core Strengthening Workouts:

Have a look on these 6 core abs exercises which easy to follow and do not require any equipment.

1. Bird-Dog Crunch:


  • Kneel down on the floor and bend forward and touch the ground with your hands.
  • Now facing downward and balancing on your left hand lift your right hand and extend it straight and simultaneously extend your left leg outward.
  • Now bring your right hand back and make your left leg touch the right elbow.
  • Send these both to their original positions again and repeat these steps for 3 to 4 times.
  • Now change from right to left hand and repeat the same.

Bird-Dog Crunch



This core exercise works very well on your abs as it targets on your abs, hamstrings, glutes and shoulders. Make sure to do this exercise daily to get better and faster results.

2. Standing Bicycle Crunches:


  • Stand straight with your feet hip width apart and place your hand back of your head.
  • Now, with a straight back and relaxed shoulders lift your right leg and at the same time lift your right leg.
  • Now make your left elbow touch the right knee.
  • Return to the original position and repeat for 4 to 5 times.
  • Change the side and repeat the above steps.

Standing Bicycle Crunches


This core ab exercise will make you to twist your body and it mainly targets on the Oblique’s and rotational muscles. It also stretches your abs and burns the unwanted calories and leaves you with an attractive body.

3. Seated Leg Lifts:


  • Sit on the floor and extend your legs straight out and in front of you
  • Bend back slightly so that you are able to place your hands on either sides of your body
  • Inhale and lift one leg six inches up from the ground
  • Hold it for 5 seconds, put it down and exhale
  • Change the side and repeat it with other leg
  • For better results do this exercise for 1 minute continuously and then take 20 seconds rest and again do it by alternating your legs.

Seated Leg Lifts


This core exercise looks very simple but affects your body a lot. It mainly targets on your abs and hamstrings. It is very important to do this continuously as this gives the perfect results if done regularly.

4. Sit-Ups:


  • Sit on the floor with your legs straight out and in front of you.
  • Now bend your knees and make your heels touch the floor.
  • Keep your hands back of your head and relax your shoulders to avoid the tension in the neck.
  • Now bend back until your back touches the ground and then raise up.
  • Continue this for 1 minute and then take a break of 20 seconds.
  • Repeat this for 5 minutes to get optimum results.



This core ab exercise works very well on your abs as it targets the abs and hips also. This is also known as hip-flexor depending on the range of motion.

 5. Modified Bicycle Crunch:


  • Sit in the same position of the sit-up exercise which we have discussed earlier.
  • Instead of bending back bring your right knee and left elbow towards each other with a simple twist.
  • Hold for 5 seconds and return back to start position.
  • Repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Do it for one-minute straight and take a 20 second break.
  • Repeat this for 5 times for better results.

Modified Bicycle Crunch


 It mainly targets on the ab muscles and with twist it exerts more pressure on your abs and targets on the obliques and rotational muscles. If done regularly, you can get the most attractive and flat abs.

6. Spider Plank Crunch:


  • Face downwards to down the floor and with support of both your hands and legs lift your body to the possible height that you can.
  • Make sure that your body is in a straight line.
  • Now, lift your right leg and move your knee towards the right elbow.
  • Return back and do the same with other leg also.
  • Repeat this continuously for 1 minute and take 20 seconds break.
  • Do 5 reps for each leg to get faster results.

Spider Plank Crunch


This powerful and core exercise will exert the maximum pressure on the lower abs and hips. It mainly targets on these two parts and make your abs flat and leave you with the most attractive flat abs.

These are 6 core ab exercises which are very beneficial for your good health as well as good body.these are the best answers for the common questions like “How to lose belly fat or how to lose stomach fat”? Along with these best ab workouts, make sure to follow the belly fat diet which is most essential to lose your belly fat and get a flat ab. Follow and do all these basic exercise daily and add them in your daily routine. Start your day with these exercise and have the most healthiest day in your office or anywhere. These core ab exercises not only leave you with flat abs but also with very good health by increasing your immunity levels.

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Best Reasons To Go As Veggie

Vegetarian has been burdened or tagged with names of ‘boring’, ‘unacceptable’ and ‘unpalatable’ food. Actually it is like a medicine which helps to human a lot. The medical studies also proved that vegetarian food comes with a great health benefits. Many of the experts believe that non-vegetarian items (especially meat) take an average of 70 to 72 hours to digest. On the other side, a healthy and complete vegetarian meal takes 2 hours to digest. Finally the body can absorbs the energy and divert that energy to heal and strengthen the human body system. Actually this digestion process depends on the individual digestion of the particular person. But when compared with a vegetarian food to non-vegetarian food, the vegetarian food is easily acceptable, absorbable and metabolized properly.

Best Reasons To Go As Veggie

1. Prevention From Chronic Diseases:

The whole grains, pulses, millets and vegetables are having rich source of fibre content. It helps to improve health conditions and it also used as a natural remedy like common health problems, diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Fruits and vegetables are also provides heavy vitamins and minerals which helps or prevents from the chronic diseases. The fibre content present in the vegetarian diet adds bulk supply to body and always makes the person fells fresh and energetic.

prevent from chronic diseases

2. Helps to Lower the Body Weight:

The people who follow the vegetarian diet will always have low body weight. According to the survey which conducted by Cancer Research in United Kingdom, claims that there are approximately 22,000 people eating meat and fish in their regular diet. If they found that those who continues this process of having meat and fish in their regular diet will gain more weight when compare with vegetarian people. So it’s better to switch to vegetarianism than non-vegetarian. This study also clearly shows that the people who follow the vegetarian diets have the benefits of lower blood pressure. In general plant products having the low content of fat and sodium. It does not contain any of the cholesterol. Certain fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium which helps to lower the blood pressure.

Helps to Lower the Body Weight

3. Shores Up Your Health:

Vegetarian diets having great source of active constituents like phytochemicals, carotenoids which having the various health benefits. The fruits and vegetables divided into two classes they are 1.carotenoids, 2.anthocyani. Maximum vegetables are having the colour of green which having rich amount of carotenoids. Fruit and vegetables are yellow and orange in colour like carrots, oranges, potatoes, mangoes, pumpkins also have rich in carotenoids. Red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables like plums, strawberries, cherries contains anthocyanins.

Shores Up Your Helth

4. Encourges Compassions:

The types of food that you ate will decide your future and also reflects the level of conscious development. The food is always sustained our bodies and bring us vitality with health. Not only the food you ate, it also includes some exercise like simple workouts, yoga, dancing and sports. Among these the Yoga recommends that have an ethical (pure) vegetarian diet is best for the human body. Ayurveda also classifies that food not only contains proteins, carbohydrates and so on, but also effects on the mind and body. A vegetarian diet is always having rich dairy products like milk, and this milk product facilitates and helps to maintain harmony of human mind.

Encourges Compassions

5. Changes Mood and Emotions:

If the person is in the early stage of habituating vegetarianism, then that person will notice a significant change or shift in his/her mood and emotions. Some of us want to live longer life in a healthier way, for those type of people vegetarian is the best way to select. The vegetarian also includes more calories while comparing with the non-vegetarian items. Having an estimation of 70 percent of diseases including cancer also is controlled by adding a vegetarian food to your diet. A vegetarian diet will reduces risk of the diseases like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and also different types of cancer like blood cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer and also lung cancer.

changes mood and emotions

6. Live Longer Life:

If you convert to a common American diet to a vegetarian diet, it can add you an addition age of 12 healthy years in your life span. It also makes you younger. In a survey it proves that, people who consumes the four legged food in their diet will shorter their life span and also chance of occurring more disability at the end of their life because these four legged foods(animal products) clogs the human arteries, slowdowns the energy system and zap the immune system. Non-vegetarians mainly meat eaters will experience of cognitive and sexual dysfunction at their earlier stage (young age). The main reason and secret of the vegetarian food is, it contains low calorie of unrefined complex carbohydrates, rich fibre content in vegetables and fruits.

live longer life

7. Build Bones Stronger:

When there is no sufficient calcium in our body then it leads to porous and makes lose our body. Most of the doctors recommend that, increase the intake of the calcium to make the immune system strong. It plays a key role when compare with other requirements and it is mostly possible with having a vegetarian diet. This calcium helps to increases the blood stream for our body and it leaches to existing bones. These foods also supply other nutrients like magnesium and phosphorus which is essential to absorb and use the calcium. Instead of having a small amounts of dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt had a healthy dosage of calcium from food items like dry beans, soya milk, leafy vegetables, broccoli leads to a better result for your bone strengthening.

Build Bones Stronger

8. Avoid Toxic Food and Reduce Global Warming:

Flesh foods are totally loaded with dangerous and harmful contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics. As all toxins is main reason for increase of fat content in our body. These foods mainly concentrate on fatty flesh animals. The United Nations said that” livestock generate huge green house gases than all the cars, bikes, and trucks in the world” in the year 2006. So the most important thing is to have vegetarian diet by every individual for reduction of global warming. For every year almost 1 million people died due to cardiovascular disease in United States. The main reason is, the morality rate for this disease is lower in vegetarians than non-vegetarians. Every day on average of forty thousand of children are starved to death. Crops that should be used to feed animals can be turned into usage of that amount for feeding the hungry.

Avoid Toxic Food and Reduce Global Warming

9. Reduce The Risk of Heart Diseases:

In general the vegetarian diets have the nature of low saturation of fat, cholesterol and high quantity of nutrients. Vegetarians has a chance of 24 percent of lower risk of dying with heart diseases when compare with non-vegetarians. The high consumption of red meat has the chances of heart diseases. Not only heart diseases, it also reduces the risk of cancer for the people who avoided the meat. This meat contains animal protein, fat content, heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). HCA’s formed when the meat is cooked at high temperatures and PAH’s is formed in the time of burning organic substances, these both leads to increase the risk of cancer. The animal products will increases the production of unwanted hormones which leads to the risk of home related cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Prevention of Heart Disease

10. Enjoy The Diverse, Colorful and Delicious World of Vegetarian:

Vegetarian meals are really tasty, easy to prepare and serve. There are lots of vegetarian cook books available. So it’s better to shift your diet with non-vegetarian to pure vegetarian. These diets are more healthful than any other diet. Whereas good diet produces more usable energy, keeps the body in control by without attacking of any minor disease and gives you more life.

World of Vegetarian

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