Unbeatable Tips to Stay Healthy In Summer

Summer is always added with lots of fun and frolic, but sometimes people forget that the skin and body will not be same as like in winter. There is having a lot of difference in the climatic conditions between summer and winter. The heat that intense in the summer is not only effects our body, but skin too and this leads to the dehydration, damage immune system, electrolyte imbalance (due to excessive or heavy sweating). It also damages your skin in a harsh manner. In such a way that no family would like to have holidays which was effected by summer, such as Sunstroke, Dehydration, sunburn, slew or fungal diseases.

Unbeatable Tips to Stay Healthy In Summer

The perfect way to avoid dehydration by having plenty of waters and other liquids like coconut water, butter milk and healthy drinks. The major problem acquired in India is humidity and hot, this causes excessive sweating. This leads to prickly heat which was marked by tiny blisters. This tiny blister majorly causes in the area of folds of the skin and in the areas of tight clothing. In such cases, the homeopathy has many remedies that can be help particularly. To get rid of from this prickly heat rash is , take 5-6 pellets of Natrum Sulphuricum 6X twice in a day. To fight against with the fungal infections is to take a homeopathic Chrysarobic acid 6C in a dosage of 5-6 pills twice in a day.

Tips We Need To Remember Are As Follows:

Just trun to these simple tips to be as sun-friendly.


Having fried food or fat contented food in your regular diet in summer leads to lethargy and slowdowns the digestive process. It also affects the skin and makes the skin unhealthy. Always prefer to eat lighter meals and by adding of more salads, fruits and green vegetables.  Also too many people skip their breakfast in the morning before heading outside. Without consistent nutrition your body wilts in summer, it leads to heat over exposure, dehydration and fainting. Having breakfast with high protein food like eggs, fruits, whole grains, and salads. A healthy breakfast will jump-start your metabolism.



Being addict to coffee and tea too much, increases the urination problem in summer and this also leads to water loss and dryness of skin. Also eat light to feel light and healthy. Drink heavy dosage of cool and non-alcoholic beverages especially when you are at outdoors. This makes your body cool and makes your system operates efficient manner.



Summer’s are great time to skip hard drinks and preferable to choose light drinks. Consumption of soft chilled alcoholic beverage (unless you are pregnant or recommended not to drink because of your health condition or other reasons) is best. Smoking and drinking, including addition of carbonated or fizzy drinks, parch, desiccate, and parch. Remember that, consumption of too much alcohol can induce dehydration.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

So while you are drinking alcohol on the other side drink water or another beverage to get rid of dehydration problem. Carrying water with you, whenever you leave the house is a good idea. Having sangria (it’s a table wine diluted with juice), a cool beer, wine spritzer will comes under refreshing drinks and also light. Taking one to two drinks daily with a bounded quantity of alcohol will protect against heart disease.


Tight clothes, skin fit clothes controls and stops hamper circulation. It also increases sweating and behaves like discomfort outfit. It’s better to wear loose fitted clothes, light coloured clothes like white cotton shirt which keeps you cool all the day.  Whereas it’s easy to release perspiration when compare with synthetic materials. Light coloured clothes also reflect light instead of absorbing it and this cools your body.


It’s best to stay out of the sun between mid noon’s to evening because the ultraviolet are at peak stage which majorly damages our skin and health too. It’s better to use a sun screen lotion with sun protection factor (SPF) before half-an-hour when you step out and also re-apply for every 4-6 hours. Especially for the people whose skin get rashes due to heat, it’s best to take preventive measures in summer. Alter your life style in summers and also avoid tanning your skin. If it’s mandatory to be out in heat, then be sure that you have take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water and more over try to sit in a cool place. It’s better to put off strenuous works and activities until the day gets cool.

Avoid Exposure of Sun


Take a bath twice a day during summers to get rid of sweat and body odour. Use talcum powders to control body heat. People who work for long time like travelling long distances may not be able to avoid sun, heat, pollution and humidity. Mainly these people get affected by heat rash and boils will make the body plague. These problems can get under controlled by using sandalwood paste (1 table spoon) which was prepared at home, along with a little amount of camphor and some buttermilk.


A few minutes before bath apply this preparation by using cold water. By this process the heat rash will disappear quickly. Also we have another recipe for controlling heat. Take some nutmeg and rose water, add equal parts of pea flower, coriander powder and also sandalwood powder. Apply this prepared paste on affected areas or if possible apply to entire body. After some time clean with cold water. Finally it makes your body feel fresh and refreshed.


If you change one thing then it improves your diet in summer. By adding a cup of mixed fresh berries (blueberries, blackberries or strawberries) in your regular diet. This diet gives you antioxidants which prevents from damaging of tissues and reduce risk of age related illness. Especially having blueberries and blackberries gives you more antioxidants. There is also a big bonus by having these berries are, they are top in fibre which maintains low cholesterol and prevents from cancer.

Raspberries for Healthy Weight Loss


To improve your stress level plant a small garden, plant a few flower plants or if possible cultivate simple crops. By putting hands in soil, standing on bare feet on soil, touching the stuff and grounding the stuff gives you relief from physical and mental stress. Whereas flossing controls oral bacteria that improves complete body health and if oral bacteria is low then your body has more resources which helps to fight against bacteria.

reduce your stress levels


Pick one outdoor activity like having a nature walk, playing games with your kids, cycling, swimming, or roller balding or simple gym workouts. By playing with your family not only gets fit together, it’s also a best way to create bonding with your family. Also protect your vision at play, it’s better to prefer a protective eyewear. Wearing sunglasses will block maximum 98% of ultraviolet A and B rays. By using sunglasses at outdoors will also prevent from cataracts and also wrinkles around the eyes. When playing sports it’s preferable to wear a protective eyewear of sport-specific.

Morning Exercise


Sleep is majorly needed in summers. Convert your bedtime as better that is early morning wakes up and go to bed early. Don’t drink alcohol within three hours of bedtime. It’s good to avoid naps during the day unless you having them as a daily routine.

Sleep Well


Summer means it’s the time for surfing, pool parties, beach festivals and occasional gateways. Majorly these plans always have an open invitation for you to get sick mainly when you are travelling. Water is your best beverages in summer. Drink more water as you drink normal. Drink at least 2-3 glasses of water when you are in sun. This prevents from dehydration and replenishes your energy levels.

drink 8 glasses of water everday


No one likes funky tan lines and also sun burns. To get rid of from these problems it’s important to apply perfect sunscreen lotion. This not only prevents from skin cancer, but it’s also helps for slow down your skin ageing process. Where as severe sun burns also known as sun poisoning can also cause extreme dehydration. Sunscreen with lower SPF (sun protection factor) is always having efficient as a higher SPF. People having a fair complexion commonly use a higher SPF, because of less melanin in their skin. Lotions consist some more effective when compare with sprays, only because there is a less chance for streaking.


Finally always keep an eye on young, old, also on your lovely and very caring pets. Older adults and babies are more capable to heat induced illness. By regular check we can prevent from illness and regular diseases. Always keep your pets indoor during the hottest part of the day (almost mid noon to evening) and keep refilling their water bowls.

Natural Remedies for Headache Without Using any Medicines

Headaches are very common these days, it doesn’t depend upon the age of the people it can effect school going good or a big person working in a office. Generally headaches influence our family life, work environment, sleep and many other factors. The pain generally arises in any portion of your head and last for an hour or sometimes for a couple of days or weeks. You can also control the headache naturally by following some simple workouts and having proper diet on daily basis.

natural remedies for headache

Types of Headache:

There are generally two types of headaches out of which the first one is the primary headache and the second one is the secondary headache.

Primary headache is caused if the blood vessels or nerves inside the head, the muscles of the neck or head, and other processes in the brain are effected due to heavy tensions or pressures. These headaches include: tension headache, cluster headache and migraine. The main reasons for this headache are lack of sleep, alcohol, skipped meals, or stress.

The second type of headaches is secondary headaches and these stimulate the pain sensitive nerves of the head. These headaches have to attend by the doctor immediately.

How to get rid of headaches without medicine:

Here is the list of common and natural headache remedies and food that greatly cure a headache instantly.

1. Scalp massage:

Scalp massage is the most common practice that can be done by yourself or by others. A rewarding scalp massage should be given to improve the blood circulation to head and face. Focus on the focal point which is the base point of your skull. Also make sure to include the massage of your face and neck also as they are the base to your skull. Drink water before and after getting the massage as the body flushes out toxins after the massage.

Scalp massage

2. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy includes the usage of essential oils in the scalp massage. Some of the best essential oils include the peppermint, lavender, and basil. Here peppermint oil targets the primary headaches as it helps regulate and promote blood flow through vessels in the body. Lavender oil is the oil used for a migraine pain, the aroma of the oil works very well on the pain. Pour some drops of lavender oil in boiling water and inhale it to ease the pain. On the other hand the basil oils works very well in relieving the headaches due to tight muscles or tension.

Head message oils

3. Walking:

Walking is the most common and best exercise that shows the best results in a natural way. It makes your body relaxed, increase your stamina and also it is the best way to get rid of the headache caused due to tension or stress. If you are continuously under some sort of stress, it is very common to get headache. So, go for a walk into the nature like the country side of farms which gives a feel of relaxation to your mind. If you are living in a city, then go to a park and have a walk.


4. Ginger root:

Ginger is the nature’s gift for those who are suffering from headache. It is the natural remedy that can be found in your kitchen. Ginger root is the natural and safer alternative for the powerful drugs used for headaches. This shows great results and mainly targets the headache due to nausea. Slice a ginger root, add it in your tea or in any liquid. Its impressive medicinal properties not only help in reducing the headache but also combat vomiting instantly.

Ginger root with tea

5. Water:

Dehydration is one of the main reason for headaches because, if the water levels in your body gets reduced, the blood flow to the brain will get limited, thereby leading to headache. So, drink atleast 8 glasses of water every day, especially in summer season, take watery fruits like watermelon, grapes etc to maintain the water levels in your body. Also make sure to drink water after consuming alcohol as alcohol will dehydrate your body and lead to the hangover pain.

drink 8 glasses of water everday

6. Apple:

An apple a day keeps a doctor away is the common myth that everyone knows. This is true in the case of headache because apples can restore the alkaline and acidic balance in the body. So, whenever you get headache slice one apple and eat it or you can use the apple cider vinegar in the boiling water and heal it to get relief from the headache. The aroma in the green apple also helps in reducing the pain.

eat apples

7. Take Rest:

Give good rest to your body and time to recover from the busy life. Overwork, restless life and other stress will lead to migraine. So, give rest that is sufficient and reduce the stress levels in your body. It is very important to sleep for seven to eight hours at night. Take a nap or sleep to relax your mind and muscles because headaches mostly disappear after a great period of rest. At the same time oversleeping may also lead to headaches. So take the right amount of rest that is needed by your body and brain.

Sleep Well

8. Yoga:

Now-a-days, yoga will be benefited to us in many like effective weight loss, buring your out the extra calories, getting flat tummy and etc. Yoga is the best way to get your mind relaxation and drop the tension. In these busy days take time to do yoga poses. A few yoga moves everyday will make you get the great relief from the headaches. During yoga moves, breathing is the best way which helps in exhaling the waste toxins out of your body. This process will also helps in getting the fresh oxygen circulating through our blood.

yoga for weight loss

9. Some Common Techniques to cure headaches:

  • Avoid stress by staying away from multitasking and over thinking.
  • Get enough sleep in a dark and quiet room. Eat regularly and healthy.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Exercise regularly.

These are the natural remedies and ways to get rid of headaches. We have to make sure to follow all these natural remedies and eat the food that gives a great relief from headaches. These are the best answers for common questions like “how to get rid of headaches?” and “how o cure a headache?”. So follow these home remedies to cure your headache in the most natural and best way in the convenience of your home or surroundings.

Best Reasons To Go As Veggie

Vegetarian has been burdened or tagged with names of ‘boring’, ‘unacceptable’ and ‘unpalatable’ food. Actually it is like a medicine which helps to human a lot. The medical studies also proved that vegetarian food comes with a great health benefits. Many of the experts believe that non-vegetarian items (especially meat) take an average of 70 to 72 hours to digest. On the other side, a healthy and complete vegetarian meal takes 2 hours to digest. Finally the body can absorbs the energy and divert that energy to heal and strengthen the human body system. Actually this digestion process depends on the individual digestion of the particular person. But when compared with a vegetarian food to non-vegetarian food, the vegetarian food is easily acceptable, absorbable and metabolized properly.

Best Reasons To Go As Veggie

1. Prevention From Chronic Diseases:

The whole grains, pulses, millets and vegetables are having rich source of fibre content. It helps to improve health conditions and it also used as a natural remedy like common health problems, diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Fruits and vegetables are also provides heavy vitamins and minerals which helps or prevents from the chronic diseases. The fibre content present in the vegetarian diet adds bulk supply to body and always makes the person fells fresh and energetic.

prevent from chronic diseases

2. Helps to Lower the Body Weight:

The people who follow the vegetarian diet will always have low body weight. According to the survey which conducted by Cancer Research in United Kingdom, claims that there are approximately 22,000 people eating meat and fish in their regular diet. If they found that those who continues this process of having meat and fish in their regular diet will gain more weight when compare with vegetarian people. So it’s better to switch to vegetarianism than non-vegetarian. This study also clearly shows that the people who follow the vegetarian diets have the benefits of lower blood pressure. In general plant products having the low content of fat and sodium. It does not contain any of the cholesterol. Certain fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium which helps to lower the blood pressure.

Helps to Lower the Body Weight

3. Shores Up Your Health:

Vegetarian diets having great source of active constituents like phytochemicals, carotenoids which having the various health benefits. The fruits and vegetables divided into two classes they are 1.carotenoids, 2.anthocyani. Maximum vegetables are having the colour of green which having rich amount of carotenoids. Fruit and vegetables are yellow and orange in colour like carrots, oranges, potatoes, mangoes, pumpkins also have rich in carotenoids. Red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables like plums, strawberries, cherries contains anthocyanins.

Shores Up Your Helth

4. Encourges Compassions:

The types of food that you ate will decide your future and also reflects the level of conscious development. The food is always sustained our bodies and bring us vitality with health. Not only the food you ate, it also includes some exercise like simple workouts, yoga, dancing and sports. Among these the Yoga recommends that have an ethical (pure) vegetarian diet is best for the human body. Ayurveda also classifies that food not only contains proteins, carbohydrates and so on, but also effects on the mind and body. A vegetarian diet is always having rich dairy products like milk, and this milk product facilitates and helps to maintain harmony of human mind.

Encourges Compassions

5. Changes Mood and Emotions:

If the person is in the early stage of habituating vegetarianism, then that person will notice a significant change or shift in his/her mood and emotions. Some of us want to live longer life in a healthier way, for those type of people vegetarian is the best way to select. The vegetarian also includes more calories while comparing with the non-vegetarian items. Having an estimation of 70 percent of diseases including cancer also is controlled by adding a vegetarian food to your diet. A vegetarian diet will reduces risk of the diseases like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and also different types of cancer like blood cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer and also lung cancer.

changes mood and emotions

6. Live Longer Life:

If you convert to a common American diet to a vegetarian diet, it can add you an addition age of 12 healthy years in your life span. It also makes you younger. In a survey it proves that, people who consumes the four legged food in their diet will shorter their life span and also chance of occurring more disability at the end of their life because these four legged foods(animal products) clogs the human arteries, slowdowns the energy system and zap the immune system. Non-vegetarians mainly meat eaters will experience of cognitive and sexual dysfunction at their earlier stage (young age). The main reason and secret of the vegetarian food is, it contains low calorie of unrefined complex carbohydrates, rich fibre content in vegetables and fruits.

live longer life

7. Build Bones Stronger:

When there is no sufficient calcium in our body then it leads to porous and makes lose our body. Most of the doctors recommend that, increase the intake of the calcium to make the immune system strong. It plays a key role when compare with other requirements and it is mostly possible with having a vegetarian diet. This calcium helps to increases the blood stream for our body and it leaches to existing bones. These foods also supply other nutrients like magnesium and phosphorus which is essential to absorb and use the calcium. Instead of having a small amounts of dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt had a healthy dosage of calcium from food items like dry beans, soya milk, leafy vegetables, broccoli leads to a better result for your bone strengthening.

Build Bones Stronger

8. Avoid Toxic Food and Reduce Global Warming:

Flesh foods are totally loaded with dangerous and harmful contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics. As all toxins is main reason for increase of fat content in our body. These foods mainly concentrate on fatty flesh animals. The United Nations said that” livestock generate huge green house gases than all the cars, bikes, and trucks in the world” in the year 2006. So the most important thing is to have vegetarian diet by every individual for reduction of global warming. For every year almost 1 million people died due to cardiovascular disease in United States. The main reason is, the morality rate for this disease is lower in vegetarians than non-vegetarians. Every day on average of forty thousand of children are starved to death. Crops that should be used to feed animals can be turned into usage of that amount for feeding the hungry.

Avoid Toxic Food and Reduce Global Warming

9. Reduce The Risk of Heart Diseases:

In general the vegetarian diets have the nature of low saturation of fat, cholesterol and high quantity of nutrients. Vegetarians has a chance of 24 percent of lower risk of dying with heart diseases when compare with non-vegetarians. The high consumption of red meat has the chances of heart diseases. Not only heart diseases, it also reduces the risk of cancer for the people who avoided the meat. This meat contains animal protein, fat content, heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). HCA’s formed when the meat is cooked at high temperatures and PAH’s is formed in the time of burning organic substances, these both leads to increase the risk of cancer. The animal products will increases the production of unwanted hormones which leads to the risk of home related cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Prevention of Heart Disease

10. Enjoy The Diverse, Colorful and Delicious World of Vegetarian:

Vegetarian meals are really tasty, easy to prepare and serve. There are lots of vegetarian cook books available. So it’s better to shift your diet with non-vegetarian to pure vegetarian. These diets are more healthful than any other diet. Whereas good diet produces more usable energy, keeps the body in control by without attacking of any minor disease and gives you more life.

World of Vegetarian

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Nutritional Facts of Fruits – Part 1

Food that we ate in our daily life, fruits are considered as a most healthy food that available to us. At present we are having thousands of varieties of fruits available in the market. Each of the fruit having their own respective benefits that helps a lot to our human body.

Fruits are having a large amount of vitamins, minerals and many more that benefits to human body. Vitamins and minerals occur actually in the fruits and always better to eat fruits to gain vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Facts of Fruits

If you find that eating fruits are becoming bore then just change the menu to some dried fruits to your breakfast. At least eat a small fruit half an hour before and after your regular workouts. Make it as a mandatory that having a complete bowl of fruit near your TV table. Once you implemented all these steps in a great way in your daily diet, then automatically find that you a have a lighter body which helps to your life.

Welcome to all to know the best benefits of some fruits.


Ackee Fruit

Ackee is a plant that gives a sweet, delicious and nutritious fruit which commonly found throughout Caribbean. Ackee fruit is high in protein gain and also having low calorie with great vitamin B and vitamin C and also other like zinc, potassium and calcium. This fruit tastes like scrambled eggs. Add little salt and little bit of cod fish and oil to a great taste which serves as a best taste meal. This fruit greatly reduces your risk of becoming constipated. Having plenty of Ackee might help you to lose your weight and also reduces risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. It functions your central nervous system. A small bunch of crushed Ackee leaves is applied to forehead to alleviate headaches.




2. Black sapote:

Black Sapote

This black sapote is a delicious beverage, the pulp of this fruit can be either eaten raw or, in most of the cases it should be mixed with milk or juices. It also used in the preparation of ice-cream and liquors. It is the easiest option to gear up on vitamin ‘C’ which enhances our resistances against bacteria and viruses around us. It’s having a good source of potassium. In general human beings require more than 100mg of potassium every day. This fruit contains an amount of 350mg of potassium. Black sapote is a fruit that packed with lot of minerals and vitamins including iron which is a part of red blood cells and helps for hemoglobin production.


3. Calabash:

Calabash Fruit

Calabash is a special type of tree which commonly found in central and South America. This calabash is very useful for reduction of blood pressure and also used to clean wounds, also to treat hematomas and tumor. Warm the fruit and apply it at area of burns and also uses for reduce the infections. This fruit should be fried or added to soups. These leaves should be toasted and combined with other ingredients for make as a drink and serves at your lunch.





4. Dates:


Dates are come under list of dry fruits. Majority of the water content should be removed naturally. Dates, is the staple food of Middle East Countries. The scientific name of dates is phoenix dactylifera. Dates help in fighting constipation, heart problems, abdominal cancer and diarrhea. It consists of nicotinic content majorly helps in healing any kind of intestinal disorders. Consuming dates daily leads to increase the friendly bacteria growth in the intestine. Dates consume high quantity of proteins, sugar and fats. Having dates with addition of cucumber paste helps to solve the problem of over-slimming. A woman needs 300 extra calories during the period of pregnancy. Each date contains 24 calories approximately. These are highly beneficial in the treatment of sexual weakness; it also increases sexual stamina and sterility which was caused by functional disorders.


5. Emblic:


This Emblic belongs to Euphorbiaceae family. There are many health benefits of emblic(also known as Amla). It consist of vitamin-C which helps in nourishes the brain and mental functioning, strengthens the lungs. It enhances urinary system, increases skin health. It also acts as as body coolant. It widely used in ayurvedic treatment. It contains huge amount of vitamins and minerals like calcium, Iron, Phosphors. It also used in many hair tonics because it helps for hair growth and pigmentation. Eating fresh Emblic or applying its paste on hair roots which improves hair color hair growth. Drinking of embic(Amla) juice with mixture of honey helps for improving eye sight.




6. Feijoa:


Feijoa is also known as pineapple guava which is a delicious fruit of South America. It having low calories(100gms of fresh Feijoas contains 55 calories). It is a cholesterol free fruits which is loaded with huge vitamins and antioxidants that helps to free from illness. It helps the human body to develop resistance against infections that cause harm to our body. It help’s in different ways that is, It protect from free radical damage, reduces risk of cancer, improves wound healing, improves lung health, reduces the chances of anemia, improves nerve function, prevent frequent diseases, reduces chance of osteoporosis, reduces depression chances and helps to improve short term memory.



7. Grape fruit:

Grape fruit

Grape fruit which is imported into Europe from popular countries such as Brazil, Jamaica, Cyprus and South Africa. Grape fruit works on appetite suppressant when compared to other foods. It is a perfect remedy for influenza to minimizing the acidity level of body as well as many other serious conditions. This grape fruit itself contains valuable and natural ‘quinine’ which uses in the treatment of malaria. The usage of the fruit pulp or juice helps to recover from fever and reduces the burning sensation occurs at the time of body reaches high temperature. It also power up the whole immune system. Grape fruit juice helps you dispel your general tiredness that caused by your routine and boring work.




8. Huckleberry:


The huckleberry is the one of the varieties in berries family. This is available more in North America. This is a variously called as hurtle berry or whortleberry. The leaves of these plants are used for tea during the season of winter. Huckleberry is rich in antioxidants and also used for herbal medicinal preparations. It improves your blood flow to the heart and keeps your heart healthy. This majorly helps to keep your blood vessels strong and reduce risk of increasing atherosclerosis. This beneficial work done by huckleberry is due to the component called antocyanins.


Pic Credits:

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Easy Ways to Cut Down Your Extra Calories

Over Weight is one of the major problems faced by the maximum percentage of people these days. So let of focus is laid on the weight loss, how to reduce weight, taking low carb diet and how to burn calories. There are some natural ways to cut your calories without you recognizing it. The most important thing that we have to take care is about the fat loss but not the muscle and immunity loss.

Simple Tips to Cut the Calories at Home

Here are the 10 natural and simple ways to cut the extra calories in your body.

1. Eat with Left Hand

This may sound crazy but it is the best way to cut the calories. Switching between the hands makes you eat slowly as it is different from the regular eating habit, so it makes you to slow down and makes you to eat less. For example if we go to a movie we eat a lot of pop corn concentrating on the movie. Now just switch your hands and you can observe that you are eating less when compared to the other hand.

Eat with your left hand

2. Chew Your Food More

The most famous medical dictionary from 1903 has suggested chewing each bite for 39 times and our ancestors used to say chew it 54 times. The no of times you chew is not concerned always, but chewing makes you taste the food better but also slow you down when eating. So make sure to chew your food.

Chew Your Food More

3. Sniff an Apple or Banana

This is also a very effective solution to cut your calories without cutting your food. There are food items like baking bread or grilling steak which makes your mouth watering in the same way there are some foods whose smell controls our appetite. Bananas and Green Apples are the best foods whose smell makes you to control your hunger and cut your calories. It is also confirmed in many studies that this is the correct the phenomenon.

Sniff banana or green apple

4. Drink Prune Smoothies

Many Researchers and scientists has confirmed that eating 4 to 5 prunes everyday will show a great result in weight loss and brings a healthy and attractive body to you. There is a wrong saying that taking of prunes keeps up your weight but the fact is that Prunes have high fiber content which makes you feel full stomached and make you to stay like that. This avoids you from taking excess food in the remaining day. You can also make low calorie smoothies with these prunes.

Drink prunes smoothies

5. Prefer Snacks for Afternoon

The Journal of the American Dietetic Association has published that taking snacks in the Afternoon results in efficient and fast weight loss in human body. As there is a very little gap in between the breakfast and lunch than lunch and dinner many people take the meal regularly, but it results in the increase in weight, so it is advised to take the snacks in the afternoon to see the fast and effective weight loss in your body.

Prefer Snacks for Afternoon

6. Morning Exercise

The Brigham Young University studies have confirmed that the people who work out in the morning will reduce their appetite and boost their physical activity throughout the whole day. But the appetite reducing effect lasts for a short time until the heat in the body gets reduced to normal temperature.  So it is recommended to walk or do exercises for every five minutes in the morning to reduce the appetite and eat less.

Morning Exercise

7. Start your Food with a Salad

It is highly recommended to start our course of meal with a salad and eat less in the rest o meal. You may think that is impossible but, the recent observations Pennsylvania State University Researchers has proved that taking a salad before main course of meal will reduce the eating levels in us. To prove this they have served green salad to few people before taking the main pasta course. They have observed that the people who took the salad ate less pasta when compared to the others who didn’t take the salad.

Start your Food with a Salad

8. Order Appetizers Instead of Main Course

When you go to a restaurant you go to the main course and order some high calorie foods. The recent studies have proved that the present days burgers are 23% larger when compared to the past and the same with soft drinks which is very risky and the main causes for overweight. So, it is highly recommended to choose a salad or pasta dish form the appetizer column which does not disturb your low calorie diet.

Order Appetizers

9. Make Sweets on Your Own

Fruit Kebabs are the low calorie sweets which you can prepare in the convenience of your kitchen with which you can save up to 400 calories. Take one peach and slice it and then make a banana and make it into quarters. Now thread all the fruit pieces and apply one tbsp of honey on it. Now, grill each side for about 4 minutes, until the flesh is gone and the fruits are firm. This is the best low calorie recipe that can be prepared with the help of simple fruits and ingredients.

Make Sweets on Your Own

10. Sleep Well

In the present busy schedules of everyone, getting free time has become very difficult. The most pity is that people are not getting the time to sleep also. The recent studies have proved that most of the people are sleeping for less than 6 hours per day. This has finally resulted in extra 300 calories being taken by the Human beings. SO, sufficient sleep will reduce the hunger in us and result in the saving of up to 100 calories per hour.

Sleep Well

These are the effective and easy tips to follow to reduce the weight and gain flat tummy. In addition to these take the low calorie foods that burn the excess calories in your body and do regular exercises like yoga and towel exercises to maintain your health and get an attractive an healthy body. Follow All the mentioned tips to gain the healthy and happy life.

Nutritional Health Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberries, this fruit contain very strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C, which fight against cancer and reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases. It consists of high ellagic acid and anti-inflammatory properties. it is well known as nature’s candy. Raspberries are available in red, black, purple and yellow colour .Each colour berry having their own composition of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Nutritional Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberries will be simply melted in your mouth because of their soft and sweet nature. They are maximum available in colours like pink, black, orange, white, and finally black. Most varieties of raspberries should be major cultivated at California only in the months of June, July, august, September and October.

There are many health benefits with these raspberries which are as follows

Prevents from obesity and blood sugar

These Raspberries will involve in the management of obesity and helps in controlling of diabetes. In the case of obesity, two compounds are focused in raspberries: raspberry ketone and tiliroside. ketone is a compound that generally available in raspberries. Where rehosmin which is used to increase metabolism in our cells and also increases enzyme activity and also oxygen consumption to our body.

Prevents and Regulates Diabetes

Increasing Immunity

Vitamin c is very essential for our body. They need to be restored regularly in our body. Here as we mentioned earlier that Raspberries are having a rich source of vitamin C. It fights against cold, flu, normal infections and diseases. Vitamin C is having high portion of antioxidant which helps to purify our blood and makes our body function strong. It clears free radicals produced in our body by certain molecules by exposure to the oxygen. These radicals will completely damage the cells also the DNA structure if not cleaned out. Raspberries are particularly act as an anti-oxidant, it slows the ageing process. In general early ageing is increasing due to the reasons of increase of pollution, exposure directly to UV rays, unhealthy food habits and heavy stress. These all will be completely come under control by Raspberries due to their rich anti-oxidant.

Boosts Immunity

Maintains Eye Health

Eating Raspberry improves the eye vision and prevents the retina from many infections and other damages. Raspberries protect the eye retina from the oxidative stress. It works effective from eye vision in form of cataract and also degenerative eye disease. It reduces the production of active oxygen in the body which linked with increasing the formation of new free radicals. These free radicals will leads to the damage of vision.

Promotes Eye Health

Controls Inflammation

Raspberries are rich in phytonutrient (These are natural commonly found in  foods like vegetables, fruit,  grain products. These having a very helpful effects while comparing with the other essential nutrients to gain for good health) and tannins that useful to prevent inflammation(it is the physical condition of the body part which becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and also painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection.) of stomach, intestine, bones, and also cardiovascular system. They controls bone resorption which releases minerals from bones into bloodstream.

controls inflammation

Healthy Weight Loss

In general, Raspberries having low fat content with high fibre that keeps you energetic for longer. Raspberries having 95% of water content which protects from dehydration. Potassium and phosphorus will also be restored in the body. It is a low calorie fruit that keeps your body light and useful of having snacks after workout. The ketones present in Raspberries helps effectively in burning of fat that stored in abdominal region. This also helps to breakdown the lipid cells and it reduces the fat deposits in the body. These helps to reduces the capacity of the body to absorb excess fat and also It burns fat naturally and promotes healthy weight loss.

Raspberries for Healthy Weight Loss

Blood circulation & cardiovascular health

Raspberries always act as a natural blood thinning agent it also promotes healthy cholesterol which optimizes heart function in an excellent way. These Raspberries having the property of anti-coagulant which makes blood more thinner. Raspberries are recommended as a part in our regular diet. It helps to discourage clotting and dissolve clots maintaining the fluidity of the blood. The Salicylate content should be present in the Raspberries which act as a blood thinning agent. The potassium that present in Raspberries ensures optimum muscle function our body including the heart muscles.

Prevention of Heart Disease

It reduces the chances of arrhythmia (it is a condition in which the heart beats in an irregular or abnormal way) and regulates the contraction, expansion of heart muscles and optimizing the blood pumping through the complete body. The potassium content that in the berries helps to maintain the heart beat and blood pressure under control. Raspberries also contains good amount of many other minerals like, manganese, copper and iron. Where copper is essential for the production of red blood cells for the body and also folate helps to reduce anemia risk.

Reduces Wrinkles

These Raspberries works like a magic instrument on wrinkles. These can be used as a natural face mask and also protect the skin from sun rays. The energy  of antioxidant that available in vitamin C will be gradually reduces the age spots on the body. It helps for filling the minor wrinkles and gains back the youthful appearance. They can be used as a great facial mask for glowing skin. Serving of three raspberries a day can prove to be a great natural remedy for muscular degeneration.

Reduce Wrinkles

These are just some of the main health benefits. Having one cup of fresh raspberries will provide 15 grams of carbohydrates and only 5-6 grams of sugar, having a fresh raspberries(1 cup) is equal to a very good fit and healthy diet. This article provides nutritional breakdown of raspberries and possible health benefits, it also includes how to incorporate more raspberries into your daily diet.

Easy 15 Minute Dishes to Cook

The present days are running on a single key factor which is the time. Everyone is becoming busy with their daily work and are unable to take the right food at the right time. Unlike the past days, everyone is depending on restaurants and fast food centres for food. The main reason for this is the lack of time. So to reduce the time and prepare the best recipe, here are some of the healthy and tasty recipes.

15 Minute Dishes to Cook

Check out here for some easy, healthy and quick 15 minute dishes to cook. These super fast recipe ideas will gives you a lavish taste with nutritious stuff. So that you can spend less times in kitchen to have these nourishments.

1. Tarragon Chicken:

It is a healthy and fast chicken recipe which can be prepared in 15 minutes and can be a perfect week day dinner for guests. The olive and tarragon mixture makes the dish preservative because of the citrus essence.

Tarragon Chicken


  • skinless, boneless chicken breast halves 4- 6 ounces
  • salt – ¼ tsp
  • extra-virgin olive oil -2 tbsps
  • grated lemon rind – 1 tsp
  • fresh lemon juice – 2 tbsps
  • minced garlic Clove – 1
  • minced fresh tarragon – 2 teaspoons
  • teaspoon salt – 1/8 tsp


  • Wrap the chicken breast halves in a heavy duty thick plastic cover and sprinkle ¼ salt on it evenly.
  • Take the remaining ingredients and mix them well with olive oil in a small bowl.
  • Now heat a skillet and pour some oil and cook the chicken on it by applying 2 tsp of the prepared mixture on it.
  • Now change the side and again apply the mixture on the other side of chicken.
  • Cook for 2 minutes on both the sides.
  • Now at low flame apply the remaining mixture and cove and cook for 2 minutes.
  • Stop cooking and serve it in a plate immediately to enjoy the hot and delicious citrus taste.

2. Insalata Pizzas:

These pizzas are delicious and healthy with low calories and are a one-dish meal. This pizza is loaded with fresh vegetables melted cheese and cider vinegar. These are the only pizzas that can be prepared in 15 minutes.

Insalata Pizzas


  • pitas – 4-7 inch
  • bottled minced garlic – 2 tsp
  • preshredded part-skim Mozzarella cheese – 1 cup
  • thinly sliced Vidalia or other sweet onion – ½ cup
  • cider vinegar – 1 tbsp
  • extra virgin olive oil – 2 tsp
  • crushed red pepper – ¼ tsp
  • quartered grape tomatoes – 1 cup
  • pitted kalamata olives, coarsely chopped – ¼ cup
  • chopped basil leaves – 2 tbsp
  • packaged gourmet salad greens – 4 cups


  • First heat the oven to 475°
  • Now place the pitas on the baking sheet and spread the garlic paste on the pitas and sprinkle ¼ cup cheese and divide the onions among it.
  • Bake the Pitas for 8 minutes until edges become brown and cheese is bubbly
  • Mix the vinegar oil, tomatoes and fresh vegetables and make a mixture and top the Pitas with toppings and serve them

3. Chicken & Summer Vegetable Tostadas:

This is a very tasty and healthy chicken recipe made with chicken and some healthy spices. The vegetables used are rich in fiber and other nutrients. This is a fast meal that can be prepared in 15 minutes.

Chicken & Summer Vegetable Tostadas


  • canola oil – 2 tsp
  • ground cumin – 1 tsp
  • kosher salt – ¼ tsp
  • black pepper – ¼ tsp
  • chicken breast tenders – 12 ounces
  • chopped red onion (about 1) – 1 cup
  • fresh corn kernels (about 2 ears) – 1 cup
  • chopped zucchini – 1cup
  • salsa verde – ½ cup
  • chopped fresh cilantro, divided – 3 tbsp
  • fat-free flour tortillas – 4-8 inches
  • Cooking spray


  • Heat the broiler
  • Combine the first 3 ingredients and stir well and sprinkle the mixture over chicken and heat in a large non stick pan
  • Add onion and corn to the chicken and cook for 2 minutes
  • Now arrange the tortillas on a baking sheet and boil for 3 minutes with a coating of cooking spray on it
  • Now spoon the chicken mixture on each tortilla and cook for additional 2 minutes
  • Serve the chicken immediately to enjoy the rich taste of the dish

4. Vegetarian Chipotle Nachos:

This recipe is the best and healthy replacement for the beef recipes. The spicy bean mixture fills the tacos and burritos. This is a fast and easy recipe which can be prepared with a handful of ingredients in our kitchen.

Vegetarian Chipotle Nachos


  • Cooking spray
  • chopped green bell pepper- 1 cup
  • chopped onion – 1 cup
  • meatless fat-free crumbles (such as Lightlife Smart Ground) – 1-12 ounce package
  • chipotle chiles in adobo sauce – 1 – 7 ounce can
  • pinto beans, rinsed and drained – 1 -15 ounce can
  • diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and oregano, undrained – 1-14.5 ounce can
  • chopped fresh cilantro – ¼ cup
  • baked corn tortilla chips (6 ounces) – 8 cups
  • shredded romaine lettuce 2 cups
  • diced peeled avocado (about 1 medium) – 1 cup
  • vertically sliced red onion – ¾ cup
  • shredded sharp cheddar cheese – ¾ cup
  • fat-free sour cream – 6 tbsp


  • Coat the pan with cooking spray and heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat.
  • Combine bell pepper, chopped onion, and crumbles and cook 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Remove 1 chile and 1 tablespoon sauce from can.
  • Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 5 minutes.
  • Serve the nachos by topping with the remaining ingredients.

These are the best and fast recipes that can be prepared within 15 minutes in the convenience of your kitchen. These are healthy recipes which are delicious and easy to prepare. These are very useful recipes for everyone to follow in these busy days. So, prepare the above mentioned simple and easy chicken recipes and easy dinner recipes and lead a healthy and happy life.

Top 10 Nutritional Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberry is the nutritious food and also called as Queen of Fruits because of its external appearance and highest amount of nutrients when compared to apples, oranges or bananas.  They are sweet, sour and very healthy fruits that look very attractive with green leaves and red covering. These fruits are rich in vitamin c. There are 600 varieties of strawberries which are sweet, rich in vitamin c and rank among the top 10 fruits and acts as a balanced diet.

natural benefits of strawberries

There are several health benefits with strawberries:

1.  Prevention of Heart Disease

Strawberries contain flavonoid quercetin which is a natural anti inflammatory that reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and protect against the damage caused by low-density lipoprotein. Strawberries mainly act on the Oxidative stress and Inflammation which are the key factors of heart disease in human body. They also act as the best sources for prevention of bad cholesterol in our body. The increased level of bad cholesterol blocks the arteries which lead to heart disease. The antioxidants in strawberries reduce the level of bad cholesterol in our body and prevent heart attacks

Prevention of Heart Disease

2. Boosts Immunity

The Vitamin C Content in the strawberries plays as the best sources for Immunity in our body. Most of the mammals except Human Beings can produce vitamin c on their own. In order to maintain the Vitamin C level in our Body strawberries play a vital role. One serving of Strawberries contains 51.5 mg of vitamin C about half of your daily requirement.

Boosts Immunity

3. Promotes Eye Health

The Antioxidant properties in strawberries are very helpful to prevent cataracts in Human Eye. Cataracts may lead to blindness in older ages and neglecting it at younger ages may lead to disastrous circumstances. Our eyes require Vitamin C to protect them from the dangerous UV rays and dust radicals in the environment. So, eating strawberries will increase the content of Vitamin C in our body and helps your eyes to stay healthy and they also strengthen eye’s cornea and retina.

Promotes Eye Health

4. Prevents Cancer

Strawberries play a very important role in preventing cancer which is the deadly disease attacking the majority population worldwide. Strawberries contain antioxidants like lutein and zeathanacins which helps in the suppression of the cancer causing cells. As discussed earlier strawberries boosts immunity to fight with the cancer cells. Latest Reports have proved that strawberry extracts can block the initiation of carcinogenesis as well as extinguish the progression and proliferation of tumours, giving them the ability to fight cancer effectively.

Prevents Cancer

5. Reduce Wrinkles

The Vitamin C in strawberries contains the antioxidants which are vital in production of Collagen, which improves the skin elasticity. As our age increase the percentage of Collagen reduces in our body and results in wrinkles and ageing spots. Strawberry mainly fights with ellagic acid which prevents collagen destruction and inflammatory response which are the two major factors for wrinkles.

Reduce Wrinkles

6. Great for Pregnant Women

Strawberries have the folate in very high quantities which helps the growth of the baby’s brain, skull and spinal cord. In addition to this it also has folic acid which is very essential for the health birth of baby without any defects.

Great for Pregnant Women

7. Prevents Hair loss

Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid and ellagic acid are very useful to prevent the hair thinning and hair fall. These vitamins are present in high quantities in strawberries and they also contain like copper and magnesium helps to prevent dandruff growth on your scalp. That is the main reason for usage of strawberries in many packs available today.

Prevents Hair loss

8. Regulate Blood Pressure

Strawberry contains 134mg potassium per each serve. According to Alberta Health services, strawberries are considered as the “medium source” to reduce and regulate the blood pressure. Potassium in strawberry helps in regulation of blood pressure by acting as a buffer against the adverse effects of sodium.

Regulates Blood Pressure

9. Prevents and Regulates Diabetes

With a low Glycemic index of 40 strawberries can be taken by diabetic patients also. The latest reports have confirmed that the compounds in strawberries have a positive effect on glucose and lipid profile in diabetics. Regular consumption of these fruits can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Prevents and Regulates Diabetes

10. Best for Weight Management

These fruits are low-calorie, fat free with sugars fairly lower than 4gms per serving. Taking 3 cups of strawberries daily acts as a snack meal which is less than 100 calories and rich in fibers and far better than the regular snacks which are more than 100 calories.

strawberries for Weight Management

These are the ten nutritional health benefits of strawberries which place strawberries among the best list of Healthy food.  These are the beautiful heart shaped fruits which are liked by many people. The taste and sweetness in this fruit makes it the best choice of any meal. In addition, the benefit it provides to our health is remarkable and unmatchable. So, take 2-3 servings of strawberries for a healthy and happy living.