Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Nobody shows interest to look like a panda with dark circles, but it happens naturally for everyone at some point in time in their lives. Most of the people have dark circles. You are one among them. Do you have those dark circles? Do they affect your admiration? Are you looking to get rid of those dark circles? Then here you have the solution for this particular problem.

In general, there are many causes for dark circles like lack of sleep, poor diet, medications, stress (these are the major cause) and having a high consumption of caffeine. In fact, these are developed due to hereditary factors such as illness, nutritional deficiencies. Many of the products and brands available in the market that promises to remove dark circles in one complete night. But, when coming to the reality! It’s not that much easy to regain normal position back. The skin around your eye is very thinner and most fragile than other areas of the face. This area does not have oil glands and fine texture. So this area always requires a special heel. These dark circles can develop in early age of 20’s.


The desirable method is to use natural remedies for nourishing your skin. These remedies can help you to get clear from the unhealthy skin around the area of the eye. You also get a complete satisfaction by using this treatment. By having a good nutrition diet or balanced diet which includes fruits, salads, sprouts and yogurt in your regular diet, along with that diet add some cereals, cheese, beans and skimmed milk for a better result. You always need to make sure that follow the healthy lifestyle to obtain best results.

Best Remedies for Dark Circles:

Always you have to feel great because you treat yourself with natural ingredients and that to most of the remedies are available in your kitchen itself. So let’s walk towards the kitchen to treat your skin. Here do exists some natural remedies which control your and makes clear your dark circles under your eyes.

  1. Rose water:

This rose water always added with incredible skin care with a peculiar quality of healing power in it. This is most popularly used to obtain best natural skin tone with many beneficial effects for your skin. These will relieve you from dark circles rapidly. Let’s place two or three cotton balls and soak them for few minutes. Now place those wet balls that completely soaked in rose water will be placed on the eye lids and leave it minimum 10 minutes. The dark circles will vanish within few weeks. Make sure this process should be unstoppably done for a better result. Majorly this process should be adopted by many people because it is in the zone low cost.

Rose water

  1. Lemon Juice:

This remedy holds the property of bleaching. We already know that vitamin C had great uses among that list dark circles also added. Place the cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and look that ball should be dipped fully. Now place those cotton balls in the affected area and left for 15 minutes and later wash it with cold water. Repeat this process for positive results. There is another remedy which is simple and easy to prepare, take one tablespoon of turmeric powder (make into paste) and tomato puree, mix together with the help of few lemon drops. Apply this thick paste on affected area and leave for 20 minutes. Finally, rinse off with cold water. Repeat this process at least 3 times in a week to regain your skin tone in the area of the eye.


  1. Apply Tea Bags to Eyes:

Brew some of the tea bags and apply those wet bags on the damaged area of the eye. The caffeine and tannin brewed in those tea bags help to constrict blood vessels to its original shape. This also gives secure relief from dark circles and puffiness.


  1. Use a saline wash:

Take some water, boil it and add some salt to the water. Take some cotton pads and soak them in that mixture. Apply them to the eyes. Whereas salt helps to constrain the blood vessels and reduces the circles under puffy eyes. These warm water which added a bit of salt in it and used as a daily eye wash for flushing out the allergens and impurities.


  1. Cucumber:

Cucumber acts as an astringent and contains skin lightening agents. It has potential in quick healing of dark circles and improves skin tone. This juice extremely proficient for the area around eyes. It has an invigorating effect and that will relax your eyes. All you have to do is to take some cotton balls, dipped in cucumber juice and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes. Now clean off with Luke warm water.


It also works on stress take off process. Also, cucumber acts as an astringent and contains skin lightening agents. Also, another process available that is, cut the cucumber into slices and places those slices in refrigerator for 40 minutes. Take those chilled slices and place them on the affected area for minimum 15 minutes. Finally, rinse off with normal water. This technique not only gives the relief but also gives relaxation for your eyes.

  1. Almond Oil:

Almond oil is a beneficial ingredient for delicate skin. Usage of almond in regular controls dark circles under the eye and also lightens skin. These black circles under eyes are generally caused by some short-term circumstances. By placing a few drops of oil on your fingers and have a gentle massage under the eye. This should be done at time before you going to bed. Eventually, wash it off with cold water on next morning.


  1. Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves are the outsmart remedy that refreshes your eyes. Take six to seven fresh mint leaves and squash into paste form. Apply the paste around your eyes and left it for 15 minutes, then rinse off the area with pure water. Take some preventive measures before you applying these remedies because you are contacting with the most sensitive area. This method not only clears off dark circles but also refresh and sooth your eyes.


  1. Apple:

Apple having the property named tannic acid that helps for lightening your skin tone. Vitamin C, B, and potassium embody in the apple makes your sensitive skin nourishes. Now take an apple which was a in stage of ripe, cut the ripe apple into large slices. Locate those slices under your eyes and leave it for 30 minutes and later rinse off with cold water.

Along with these remedies, you can also prevent them by making a few changes in your lifestyle. If you remove some things and add a few better things in that place prevents from dark circles coming back and those things follows.

remove dark circles under eyes

  1. Avoid the consumption more sweets, the sweet tooth are more eligible to get dark circles.
  2. Don’t give your mind more stress.
  3. Take at least one glass of fruit juice in our daily diet.
  4. Avoid alcohol consumption, smoking.
  5. Drink at least 12 to 15 glasses of water per day.
  6. Intake of vegetables helps to clear dark circles. Fibrous content available in the vegetables clears all toxins in the body.
  7. Avoid eating the junk foods.
  8. Do not use much bleaching or makeup around your eyes.
  9. Reduce the intake of salt because the excessive intake of salt causes fluid retention. This causes eye puffiness.
  10. Sleep is very essential for your eyes. There is at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep in a day.
  11. Exposure to the sun will be controlled.

These all remedies and ingredients that used to clear dark circles are easy and cheaply available in the market or shops. Don’t panic about this problem and take care of your health. Hope you people utilise these remedies everyday and receive the best result.

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