10 Natural Secrets for Glowing Skin

Skin is the main protective layer for our entire body and internal organs. It is very important to protect our skin from younger ages to maintain a healthy and young skin for many years. In the present days the main reason for skin damage is the sun. The UV rays from the sun are directly falling on our skin and causing many problems like dark spots, sagging and wrinkles. So to protect our skin doctors strongly advice to stop smoking and use sun protection while going to sun.

10 Natural Secrets for Glowing Skin

10 Natural Tips for Glowing Skin

There are some natural tips which make your skin glow and stay healthier. Check out these best and easiest home remedies for instant glowing and youthful skin.

1.Apply Aloe Vera Gel Daily

Aloe Vera is the natural leaf that can be found in every house. If you don’t have one, buy it today because it is the best source for young looking and healthy skin. Cut the tip of the leaf and split the aloe vera leaf. Now apply the gel to whole body. The acids in it eat the dead skin cells and give a glow to the skin.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

2. Hydrate Yourself

An ancient and followed till date tip is to drink plenty of water. Water flushes out the toxins form your body and make your skin naturally hydrated.

3. Sweating

Sweating is the best way to wash out the unnecessary fat from your body. Running, jogging and some rounds of “surya namaskar” will enhance the blood circulation in your body. But make it sure that you wash your body with cold water after the exercises to keep it clean.

4. Remove the Make-up

Make-up gives a very attractive look to you when you want to attain a special look in any party or meeting. Use only natural skin care products for your make-up as the chemical based make-ups are very harmful to your skin. Before you sleep don’t forget to remove the make-up on your skin. As your skin needs to breathe while sleeping make sure that you sleep with your make-up removed.

Remove the Make-up

5. Avoid Exposure of Sun

Sun is the natural source of light and energy for earth and it has positive and negative impacts on our skin. The positive impact is the Vitamin D supply to our body the sun light from morning 7 am to 9 am is very good source of vitamin D to our body. But the sunlight after that time is very harmful to the skin and too much exposure may lead to skin cancer also.

Avoid Exposure of Sun

6. Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Nicotine damages the internal parts of your body and skin cells also. Chain smoking may cause the depletion of the complexion and glow of your skin. So it is highly advisable to avoid smoking and drinking for a natural and wrinkle free skin. But, you can drink wine for a natural glow in your skin.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

7. Yoga

Regular Yoga is the best and natural tip for glowing skin. When you inhale and exhale out the toxins in your body gets released and cleanses the entire body and leave a fresh and soothing look to your skin and face.

In addition to these tips there are some natural and ayurvedic facials and scrubs that you can prepare at your home with the ingredients in your house. These include:

8. Ayurvedic Scrubs

Ayurveda is the most famous way of skin beauty and enhancement. This is followed by our ancestors till date as it nourishes the skin and remove the dead skin cells very naturally without any hassle. This is the best and natural tip for glowing skin. To prepare this scrub we need the following:

Ayurvedic Scrubs


  • Chickpea Flour- 2 tbsp
  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Turmeric powder- ½ tbsp
  • Camphor- 1 Pinch
  • Plain water/ milk/ rose water


  • Mix Chickpea Flour, sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and camphor in plain water or milk or rose water and make it like a paste.
  • Now apply this paste evenly to your face, neck and hands and leave it for 20 minutes
  • Now wash the skin with cool water gently and feel the difference.

9. Lemon Juice With Honey

Lemon is the best source for healthy and glowing skin. The vitamin c Content in the lemon reduces the Dark spots and the citric acid is very useful in removing the dead skin cells thereby giving a glow to your Face. Lemon also has a special bleaching property which enhances your skin glow. This is the best tip for Glowing skin at home.

Lemon Juice With Honey


  • Lemons-3
  • Raw Honey-2 tbsp
  • Cucumber Slices- 1 cup
  • Luke Warm water


  • Squeeze one half of the lemon and mix 2 tablespoons of Raw Honey in it
  • Now apply the mixture to your face, neck and hands, scrub in a circular way and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now wash the skin with Luke warm water and rub with cucumber slices to soften the skin and moisturize it.

10. Natural Body Scrub with Coffee Grounds

The coffee grounds are very good source for a healthy and beautiful skin. These act as natural exfoliators so they remove the dead and dry skin cells from your skin and give a boost to the skin and make it look healthy and young.

Natural Body Scrub with Coffee Grounds


  • Used Coffee Grounds: 2 tablespoons
  • Sugar: 1 Tablespoon
  • Olive oil: 4 Tablespoons


  • Mix all the above ingredients to make a scrub
  • Now massage your body with this scrub in a circular motion and mainly concentrate on the dry areas of your body.
  • Then wash the whole body and observe the amazing difference of the look of your skin.

These are the top ten tips, facials and scrubs that make your skin glow and look healthy. Following the natural tips is very better than the new and modern chemical methods. The chemicals that are being used today are very harmful to the skin. While going into the sun please apply SPF 45 and above creams to provide a layer of protection to your skin from the sun and UV rays. Follow these natural tips at Home and live young and stay young.

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