Nutritional Facts of Fruits – Part 1

Food that we ate in our daily life, fruits are considered as a most healthy food that available to us. At present, we are having thousands of varieties of fruits available in the market. Each of the fruit having their own respective benefits that help a lot to our human body.

Fruits are having a large amount of vitamins, minerals and much more that benefits to human body. Vitamins and minerals occur actually in the fruits and always better to eat fruits to gain vitamins and minerals.

Fruits their Benefits

If you find that eating fruits are becoming bored then just change the menu to some dried fruits to your breakfast. At least eat a small fruit half an hour before and after your regular workouts. Make it as a mandatory that having a complete bowl of fruit near your TV table. Once you implemented all these steps in a great way in your daily diet, then automatically find that you a have a lighter body which helps to your life.

Welcome to all to know the best benefits of some fruits.


Ackee Fruit

Ackee is a plant that gives a sweet, delicious and nutritious fruit which commonly found throughout the Caribbean. Ackee fruit is high in protein gain and also having low calorie with great vitamin B and vitamin C and also other like zinc, potassium, and calcium. This fruit tastes like scrambled eggs. Add a little salt and little bit of cod fish and oil to a great taste which serves as the best taste meal. This fruit greatly reduces your risk of becoming constipated. Having plenty of Ackee might help you to lose your weight and also reduces the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. It functions your central nervous system. A small bunch of crushed Ackee leaves is applied to the forehead to alleviate headaches.

2. Black sapote:

Black Sapote

This black sapote is a delicious beverage, the pulp of this fruit can be either eaten raw or, in most of the cases it should be mixed with milk or juices. It also used in the preparation of ice-cream and liquors. It is the easiest option to gear up on vitamin ‘C’ which enhances our resistances against bacteria and viruses around us. It’s having a good source of potassium. In general human beings require more than 100mg of potassium every day. This fruit contains an amount of 350mg of potassium. Black sapote is a fruit that packed with a lot of minerals and vitamins including iron which is a part of red blood cells and helps for hemoglobin production.

3. Calabash:

Calabash Fruit

Calabash is a special type of tree which commonly found in central and South America. This calabash is very useful for reduction of blood pressure and also used to clean wounds, also to treat hematomas and tumor. Warm the fruit and apply it at the area of burns and also uses for reducing the infections. This fruit should be fried or added to soups. These leaves should be toasted and combined with other ingredients for make as a drink and serves at your lunch.



4. Dates:


Dates have come under list of dry fruits. The majority of the water content should be removed naturally. Dates are the staple food of Middle East Countries. The scientific name of dates is phoenix dactylifera. Dates help in fighting constipation, heart problems, abdominal cancer, and diarrhea. It consists of nicotinic content majorly helps in healing any kind of intestinal disorders. Consuming dates daily lead to increase the friendly bacteria growth in the intestine. Dates consume a high quantity of proteins, sugar, and fats. Having dates with the addition of cucumber paste helps to solve the problem of over-slimming. A woman needs 300 extra calories during the period of pregnancy. Each date contains 24 calories approximately. These are highly beneficial in the treatment of sexual weakness; it also increases sexual stamina and sterility which was caused by functional disorders.

5. Emblic:


This Emblic belongs to Euphorbiaceae family. There are many health benefits of emblic(also known as Amla). It consists of vitamin-C which helps in nourishes the brain and mental functioning, strengthens the lungs. It enhances the urinary system, increases skin health. It also acts as a body coolant. It widely used in ayurvedic treatment. It contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals like calcium, Iron, Phosphors. It also used in many hair tonics because it helps for hair growth and pigmentation. Eating fresh Emblic or applying its paste on hair roots which improve hair color hair growth. Drinking of embic(Amla) juice with a mixture of honey helps for improving eyesight.


6. Feijoa:


Feijoa is also known as pineapple guava which is a delicious fruit of South America. It having low calories(100gms of fresh Feijoas contains 55 calories). It is a cholesterol-free fruit which is loaded with huge vitamins and antioxidants that help to free from illness. It helps the human body to develop resistance against infections that cause harm to our body. It help’s in different ways such as protecting from free radical damage, reduces the risk of cancer, improves wound healing, improves lung health, reduces the chances of anemia, improves nerve function, prevent frequent diseases, reduces the chance of osteoporosis, reduces depression chances and helps to improve short term memory.


7. Grape fruit:


Grape fruit

Grapefruit which is imported into Europe from popular countries such as Brazil, Jamaica, Cyprus and South Africa. Grapefruit works on appetite suppressant when compared to other foods. It is a perfect remedy for influenza to minimizing the acidity level of the body as well as many other serious conditions. This grapefruit itself contains valuable and natural ‘quinine’ which uses in the treatment of malaria. The usage of the fruit pulp or juice helps to recover from the fever and reduces the burning sensation occurs at the time of body reaches the high temperature. It also powers up the whole immune system. Grapefruit juice helps you dispel your general tiredness that caused by your routine and boring work.


8. Huckleberry:


The huckleberry is one of the varieties in berries family. This is available more in North America. This is a variously called as hurtleberry or whortleberry. The leaves of these plants are used for tea during the season of winter. Huckleberry is rich in antioxidants and also used for herbal medicinal preparations. It improves your blood flow to the heart and keeps your heart healthy. This majorly helps to keep your blood vessels strong and reduce the risk of increasing atherosclerosis. This beneficial work done by huckleberry is due to the component called anthocyanins.


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