Easy Ways to Cut Down Your Extra Calories

Over Weight is one of the major problems faced by the maximum percentage of people these days. So let of focus is laid on the weight loss, how to reduce weight, taking low carb diet and how to burn calories. There are some natural ways to cut your calories without you recognizing it. The most important thing that we have to take care is about the fat loss but not the muscle and immunity loss.

Simple Tips to Cut the Calories at Home

Here are the 10 natural and simple ways to cut the extra calories in your body.

1. Eat with Left Hand

This may sound crazy but it is the best way to cut the calories. Switching between the hands makes you eat slowly as it is different from the regular eating habit, so it makes you to slow down and makes you to eat less. For example if we go to a movie we eat a lot of pop corn concentrating on the movie. Now just switch your hands and you can observe that you are eating less when compared to the other hand.

Eat with your left hand

2. Chew Your Food More

The most famous medical dictionary from 1903 has suggested chewing each bite for 39 times and our ancestors used to say chew it 54 times. The no of times you chew is not concerned always, but chewing makes you taste the food better but also slow you down when eating. So make sure to chew your food.

Chew Your Food More

3. Sniff an Apple or Banana

This is also a very effective solution to cut your calories without cutting your food. There are food items like baking bread or grilling steak which makes your mouth watering in the same way there are some foods whose smell controls our appetite. Bananas and Green Apples are the best foods whose smell makes you to control your hunger and cut your calories. It is also confirmed in many studies that this is the correct the phenomenon.

Sniff banana or green apple

4. Drink Prune Smoothies

Many Researchers and scientists has confirmed that eating 4 to 5 prunes everyday will show a great result in weight loss and brings a healthy and attractive body to you. There is a wrong saying that taking of prunes keeps up your weight but the fact is that Prunes have high fiber content which makes you feel full stomached and make you to stay like that. This avoids you from taking excess food in the remaining day. You can also make low calorie smoothies with these prunes.

Drink prunes smoothies

5. Prefer Snacks for Afternoon

The Journal of the American Dietetic Association has published that taking snacks in the Afternoon results in efficient and fast weight loss in human body. As there is a very little gap in between the breakfast and lunch than lunch and dinner many people take the meal regularly, but it results in the increase in weight, so it is advised to take the snacks in the afternoon to see the fast and effective weight loss in your body.

Prefer Snacks for Afternoon

6. Morning Exercise

The Brigham Young University studies have confirmed that the people who work out in the morning will reduce their appetite and boost their physical activity throughout the whole day. But the appetite reducing effect lasts for a short time until the heat in the body gets reduced to normal temperature.  So it is recommended to walk or do exercises for every five minutes in the morning to reduce the appetite and eat less.

Morning Exercise

7. Start your Food with a Salad

It is highly recommended to start our course of meal with a salad and eat less in the rest o meal. You may think that is impossible but, the recent observations Pennsylvania State University Researchers has proved that taking a salad before main course of meal will reduce the eating levels in us. To prove this they have served green salad to few people before taking the main pasta course. They have observed that the people who took the salad ate less pasta when compared to the others who didn’t take the salad.

Start your Food with a Salad

8. Order Appetizers Instead of Main Course

When you go to a restaurant you go to the main course and order some high calorie foods. The recent studies have proved that the present days burgers are 23% larger when compared to the past and the same with soft drinks which is very risky and the main causes for overweight. So, it is highly recommended to choose a salad or pasta dish form the appetizer column which does not disturb your low calorie diet.

Order Appetizers

9. Make Sweets on Your Own

Fruit Kebabs are the low calorie sweets which you can prepare in the convenience of your kitchen with which you can save up to 400 calories. Take one peach and slice it and then make a banana and make it into quarters. Now thread all the fruit pieces and apply one tbsp of honey on it. Now, grill each side for about 4 minutes, until the flesh is gone and the fruits are firm. This is the best low calorie recipe that can be prepared with the help of simple fruits and ingredients.

Make Sweets on Your Own

10. Sleep Well

In the present busy schedules of everyone, getting free time has become very difficult. The most pity is that people are not getting the time to sleep also. The recent studies have proved that most of the people are sleeping for less than 6 hours per day. This has finally resulted in extra 300 calories being taken by the Human beings. SO, sufficient sleep will reduce the hunger in us and result in the saving of up to 100 calories per hour.

Sleep Well

These are the effective and easy tips to follow to reduce the weight and gain flat tummy. In addition to these take the low calorie foods that burn the excess calories in your body and do regular exercises like yoga and towel exercises to maintain your health and get an attractive an healthy body. Follow All the mentioned tips to gain the healthy and happy life.

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