Top 6 Yoga Postures for Effective Weight Loss

Yoga is extracted from ancient Indian script (Sanskrit) which means “bring together”. Yoga is an Indian transmission from sacred texts to teach the healthy and secret nature of living. This yoga is a combination of many health benefits such as colour toning, glandular activity stimulation, prevents you from tuberculosis, strengthens your neck, shoulders, arms fingers, waist, abdomen, wrist, proper liver, heart and many other body functions. Yoga is preferable to tone up the whole body. Regular practice of yoga is not only to rejuvenate, but also keeps our body refresh and stress free mind. Yoga is also determined the best medication for asthma, heart and lung disorders. The main aim of yoga is to win all the sufferings, pains and stress naturally.

yoga for weight loss

Yoga Postures for Weight Loss:

Instead of getting the medications, pills and other costly treatments for weight loss and to burn your extra pounds, follow these simple and natural Yoga Postures at your home to feel more relaxed immediately. Here you have the 6 best  Yoga poses to Burn your Calories

Setu Bandhasana – (The Bridge Pose):

This is one of the most relaxing pose in yoga to strengthen your back muscles also to relieve the fatigued back instantly. It gives a flexible stretch to your neck, chest and spine as well. The main benefit with this yoga pose is to reduce the major thyroid problems in men and women.

Setu Bandhasana

Lie down on the floor facing your vision at ceiling. Be sure that your hands should be in a relaxed position and your palms should touch the floor.  Now raise your hip and bent your knees by 90° in such a way that your feet should be touching flat to the ground. Now maintain your feet by hip width aside simultaneously to each other and near to the buttocks as likely. Stretch your hip as much as you can. Maintain this posture for 5 to 15 breaths.

Dhanurasana – (The Bow Pose):

This Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose is undoubtedly gives more relief in menstrual problems. It stimulates the reproductive organisms in our body. It also gives strength to abdominal and back muscles as well. This bow pose also adds more flexibility to your back and tones your leg, arm muscles.


Lie down on the floor by touching your belly on to the ground. Raise your upper body by keeping your hands besides your chest. Take a deep breath inside and lift your legs and thighs upwards. Now hold the legs with your hands. Stretch back your body as much as you can. Maintain this posture for atleaset 30 seconds and release it slowly.

Shalabhasana – (The Locust Yoga Pose):

Shalabhasana or the Locust Yoga Pose is mainly use to build-up the flexibility and strength to the back. This is also useful to improve the digestive system in a human body. It is the perfect yoga pose to give strength to your arms and shoulders too. By performing this asana, the normal concentration power will be increased.


Lie down on your belly in such a way that it should touches to the ground. Keep your elbows bent and your palms should touch the floor. Make sure your forehead and nose should touch the floor. Now slowly stretch your both legs to upward direction. Hold this posture for atleast 30 seconds to get good results.

Chakki Chalan – (The Grinding Pose):

Chakki Chalan – The Grinding Pose is the best yoga pose to tone your abs and arm muscles. It helps to reduce the abdominal fat & obesity. It also tones uterine muscles in women. With this yoga pose, the elasticity of a human spinal column improves.

Chakki Chalan Pose

Lie down on the floor by placing your legs straight to you. Be sure that your both legs should stretch in opposite without bending your knees. Join your both hands in a clasped position. Move your hands in a circular motion over the legs. This results a good stretch to your stomach, hands and legs. Maintain this for – times in a clock wise and in anti-clock wise directions.

Nauka Chalan – (The Boat Pose):

The name Naukasana derived from its posture as the shape looks like a boat. The Boat Pose is the best posture in yoga to reduce your belly fat. It also improves the functioning of digestive system. This posture is also helpful to develop the six-pack abs. By performing this yoga your thigh, neck, live, abdominal muscles and hips will get strengthen. It also helps to regulate the perfect blood circulation to your body. This one of the best pose for a diabetic patient to maintain the normal sugar level also it helps to improve the kidney and thyroid gland functions.

Nauka Chalan

Lie down flat on a floor on a yoga mat in a relax position. Now slowly lift your both legs upwards by taking a deep breath. Be sure that your legs must be straight while rising to upwards. Now raise your upper body slowly in such a way touch your legs. Hold the breath for a minimum of 10-15 seconds in this posture. You also can increase the time of holding your breath by practicing regularly. Finally exhale slowly and come back to your beginning position.

Veerabhadrasana II – (The Warriors Pose II):

The warrior posture (Veerabhadrasana) tones and strengthen the arms, lower back muscles and legs. It maintains a balanced body and helps to increase your stamina and also improves your concentration levels too. Getting into this posture your chest & lugs will open. This also improves the body circulation and respiration.


Stand straight and your legs should be apart from a hip width (which should be minimum of 3-4 feet). Stretch your arms by sides and be sure that your palms should face the ground. Taking your breath out and bent your right knee of 90 Degrees and right ankle to your right. Also turn your head to right and make your vision in to right side direction. Hold this pose with determination and come back to your normal position by taking your breath in and breathe out while your hands getting to normal standing position. Repeat the same posture with your left side too.