Best Reasons To Go As Veggie

Vegetarian has been burdened or tagged with names of ‘boring’, ‘unacceptable’ and ‘unpalatable’ food. Actually it is like a medicine which helps to human a lot. The medical studies also proved that vegetarian food comes with a great health benefits. Many of the experts believe that non-vegetarian items (especially meat) take an average of 70 to 72 hours to digest. On the other side, a healthy and complete vegetarian meal takes 2 hours to digest. Finally the body can absorbs the energy and divert that energy to heal and strengthen the human body system. Actually this digestion process depends on the individual digestion of the particular person. But when compared with a vegetarian food to non-vegetarian food, the vegetarian food is easily acceptable, absorbable and metabolized properly.

Best Reasons To Go As Veggie

1. Prevention From Chronic Diseases:

The whole grains, pulses, millets and vegetables are having rich source of fibre content. It helps to improve health conditions and it also used as a natural remedy like common health problems, diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Fruits and vegetables are also provides heavy vitamins and minerals which helps or prevents from the chronic diseases. The fibre content present in the vegetarian diet adds bulk supply to body and always makes the person fells fresh and energetic.

prevent from chronic diseases

2. Helps to Lower the Body Weight:

The people who follow the vegetarian diet will always have low body weight. According to the survey which conducted by Cancer Research in United Kingdom, claims that there are approximately 22,000 people eating meat and fish in their regular diet. If they found that those who continues this process of having meat and fish in their regular diet will gain more weight when compare with vegetarian people. So it’s better to switch to vegetarianism than non-vegetarian. This study also clearly shows that the people who follow the vegetarian diets have the benefits of lower blood pressure. In general plant products having the low content of fat and sodium. It does not contain any of the cholesterol. Certain fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium which helps to lower the blood pressure.

Helps to Lower the Body Weight

3. Shores Up Your Health:

Vegetarian diets having great source of active constituents like phytochemicals, carotenoids which having the various health benefits. The fruits and vegetables divided into two classes they are 1.carotenoids, 2.anthocyani. Maximum vegetables are having the colour of green which having rich amount of carotenoids. Fruit and vegetables are yellow and orange in colour like carrots, oranges, potatoes, mangoes, pumpkins also have rich in carotenoids. Red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables like plums, strawberries, cherries contains anthocyanins.

Shores Up Your Helth

4. Encourges Compassions:

The types of food that you ate will decide your future and also reflects the level of conscious development. The food is always sustained our bodies and bring us vitality with health. Not only the food you ate, it also includes some exercise like simple workouts, yoga, dancing and sports. Among these the Yoga recommends that have an ethical (pure) vegetarian diet is best for the human body. Ayurveda also classifies that food not only contains proteins, carbohydrates and so on, but also effects on the mind and body. A vegetarian diet is always having rich dairy products like milk, and this milk product facilitates and helps to maintain harmony of human mind.

Encourges Compassions

5. Changes Mood and Emotions:

If the person is in the early stage of habituating vegetarianism, then that person will notice a significant change or shift in his/her mood and emotions. Some of us want to live longer life in a healthier way, for those type of people vegetarian is the best way to select. The vegetarian also includes more calories while comparing with the non-vegetarian items. Having an estimation of 70 percent of diseases including cancer also is controlled by adding a vegetarian food to your diet. A vegetarian diet will reduces risk of the diseases like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and also different types of cancer like blood cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer and also lung cancer.

changes mood and emotions

6. Live Longer Life:

If you convert to a common American diet to a vegetarian diet, it can add you an addition age of 12 healthy years in your life span. It also makes you younger. In a survey it proves that, people who consumes the four legged food in their diet will shorter their life span and also chance of occurring more disability at the end of their life because these four legged foods(animal products) clogs the human arteries, slowdowns the energy system and zap the immune system. Non-vegetarians mainly meat eaters will experience of cognitive and sexual dysfunction at their earlier stage (young age). The main reason and secret of the vegetarian food is, it contains low calorie of unrefined complex carbohydrates, rich fibre content in vegetables and fruits.

live longer life

7. Build Bones Stronger:

When there is no sufficient calcium in our body then it leads to porous and makes lose our body. Most of the doctors recommend that, increase the intake of the calcium to make the immune system strong. It plays a key role when compare with other requirements and it is mostly possible with having a vegetarian diet. This calcium helps to increases the blood stream for our body and it leaches to existing bones. These foods also supply other nutrients like magnesium and phosphorus which is essential to absorb and use the calcium. Instead of having a small amounts of dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt had a healthy dosage of calcium from food items like dry beans, soya milk, leafy vegetables, broccoli leads to a better result for your bone strengthening.

Build Bones Stronger

8. Avoid Toxic Food and Reduce Global Warming:

Flesh foods are totally loaded with dangerous and harmful contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics. As all toxins is main reason for increase of fat content in our body. These foods mainly concentrate on fatty flesh animals. The United Nations said that” livestock generate huge green house gases than all the cars, bikes, and trucks in the world” in the year 2006. So the most important thing is to have vegetarian diet by every individual for reduction of global warming. For every year almost 1 million people died due to cardiovascular disease in United States. The main reason is, the morality rate for this disease is lower in vegetarians than non-vegetarians. Every day on average of forty thousand of children are starved to death. Crops that should be used to feed animals can be turned into usage of that amount for feeding the hungry.

Avoid Toxic Food and Reduce Global Warming

9. Reduce The Risk of Heart Diseases:

In general the vegetarian diets have the nature of low saturation of fat, cholesterol and high quantity of nutrients. Vegetarians has a chance of 24 percent of lower risk of dying with heart diseases when compare with non-vegetarians. The high consumption of red meat has the chances of heart diseases. Not only heart diseases, it also reduces the risk of cancer for the people who avoided the meat. This meat contains animal protein, fat content, heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). HCA’s formed when the meat is cooked at high temperatures and PAH’s is formed in the time of burning organic substances, these both leads to increase the risk of cancer. The animal products will increases the production of unwanted hormones which leads to the risk of home related cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Prevention of Heart Disease

10. Enjoy The Diverse, Colorful and Delicious World of Vegetarian:

Vegetarian meals are really tasty, easy to prepare and serve. There are lots of vegetarian cook books available. So it’s better to shift your diet with non-vegetarian to pure vegetarian. These diets are more healthful than any other diet. Whereas good diet produces more usable energy, keeps the body in control by without attacking of any minor disease and gives you more life.

World of Vegetarian

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