treat diabetes with yoga

10+ yoga asanas and mudras to treat diabetes

Yoga helps in decreasing feelings of anxiety of the body. Stress is the significant cause behind diabetes, and by controlling pressure, diabetes can be managed well. Yoga helps in better blood supply to the body that is required for the best possible working of body organs. Yoga is beneficial in controlling high blood sugars.

1. Apana Mudra


It helps in filtering the body. It is vital in advancing better assimilation. Sit in the Lotus present. Keep your hands extended through and through to the front. Twist your thumb, center and ring finger so that the tips contact one another. Your little finger and forefinger ought to be straight. It lowers glucose levels and disposes of waste as Urine.

2. Kapalbhati


Kapalabhati is a breathing exercise that can initiate the pancreas to expand insulin creation flushing out the poisons in the body through air. Sit on the floor and ensure you are sitting in a folded legs position. Take a full breath. Breathe out the air, by getting your stomach muscles.

3. Halasana


It activates insulin delivering organs. Lie on your back and afterward stretch your legs straight ordinarily. Take in the legs such that your feet crash and burn on the ground. Lift them directly from the hips with the help of your hands. Lift up till the back and afterward attempt to contact the back specialty of the head position with your toe. It invigorates organs for better insulin creation and treats Hormonal clutters.

4. Sarvangasana


The asana standardizes the blood glucose levels. Rest on your back regularly and stretch your legs directly to the front. Keep your legs in a 90-degree position. It keeps the thyroid and parathyroid organs working well and hormonal issues get restored. It improves blood flow.

5. Anulom-Vilom – Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Anulom-Vilom is a breathing activity to manage diabetes. The Asana works by quieting your nervous system and discharging pressure. Sit straight and inhale through your left nostril as you close your other nostril utilizing your fingertips. It improves better oxygen dissemination in the body and builds your lung capacity.

6. Mandukasana – Prep for frog


Mandukasana helps in extending the Pancreas and helps in the better creation of Insulin. Plunk down on the ground in the Vajrasana present. Clench your hands and spot them on your stomach so that your joint accompanies the navel. Press your clenched hands and spot them on the stomach area. Touch the ground with your brow and curve downwards. It improves the capacity of the organs and helps in the better creation of insulin.

7. Chakrasana



It unwinds and quiets the brain down. It can build the oxygen consumption in the body. Lie on your back with your hands extended on the two sides. Take your left leg closer to the thigh and afterward wind it over the other leg, and the head ought to be turned towards the left side. It diminishes glucose levels and stretches your spine.

8. Dhanurasana

dhanurasana position

The asana chips away at the pancreas and invigorates the organ. Rest on your chest and afterward spread your legs like that as it were. Lift the legs in that manner and stretch up your middle and afterward take both your hands to the back to hold your feet. It is extremely helpful for menstrual torments and improves the strength of your pancreas.

9. Vakrasana

It includes the winding of the spinal rope bone. The Asana can reinforce the stomach area muscles and help in losing the cumbersome waistline. Keep your hand to your left side knee. Turn your body towards the left bearing. Keep your body straight. It animates the creation of bile juice for better processing and helps in expelling poisons from the body.

10. Surya Mudra

good posture

It increments the digestion rate. Sit in a relaxed manner and keep your hands before you. Take ring finger of each hand at that point, twist it and afterward contact with a hill of thumb and afterward push down the ring finger with the thumb. Keep straight outside the rest of the fingers. It channelizes inside vitality and improves the digestion of the body.

11. Prana Mudra – life force seal

life force seal - prana mudra

It detoxes your body and can offer better diabetic control. Plunk down in the lotus position first and afterward loosen up yourself. Shut your eyes and focus on relaxing. Keep your hands on your sides and curve your little and right finger so that it contacts one another. Keep your pointer and center finger straight all through. It can help in fat consumption.